News Analysis: Brad Keselowski signs extension with Team Penske

What happened: Brad Keselowski removed himself from the potential free agent market by signing a long-term contract extension with Team Penske, the team announced Tuesday morning. The length of the deal was not released, but the team’s statement said Keselowski would remain driver of the No. 2 car for “well into the future.” In addition, crew chief Paul Wolfe also signed a contract extension.

What it means: Keselowski played coy about his future prospects when asked in April, saying he was happy at Penske but had learned to never say no to the possibility of other opportunities. But as Silly Season developed further, it became clear Keselowski was working on staying at his current home and would not be jumping back to Hendrick Motorsports, which was where he made some early Cup starts. Staying put makes sense, because Keselowski has deep ties to the status quo — not just through his time there building a team with Wolfe, but with Penske’s Michigan connection and Ford’s support for the Brad Keselowski Racing team in the Truck Series.

News value (scale of 1-10): Three. This wasn’t a surprise and had become a long-anticipated announcement. Although it’s a big-name driver, it involves staying with the same team — so it’s along the same lines as the Denny Hamlin contract extension news in February.

Questions: After locking up both Keselowski and Joey Logano to long-term deals, is Penske’s next target creating a third team to bring Ryan Blaney back in house? Will Keselowski avoid the post-extension slump being endured by Logano? Does this mean Keselowski, 33, will ultimately finish his career at Penske?

10 Replies to “News Analysis: Brad Keselowski signs extension with Team Penske”

  1. I am glad to hear BK is staying with Penske and Ford. Penske is the King of Racing with his hands in all kinds of Racing and has been successful in all kinds of Racing not just Nascar. Now if Bad Brad can back up his worth.

    1. I wish Blaney would just stay put. He has more value in the iconic 21 car, why would Penske need him in a 12 or other plain ‘ol number? Everybody knows he’s a Penske driver anyway.

      1. Penske wants his name on the trophies since he spent the money on them. My guess, Blaney in the #12 and Menard in the #21 in 2018.

        1. The shoe has dropped. Blaney to the No. 12 Team Penske Ford and Paul Menard to the Wood Brothers. As a bonus to the Woods, the Menard’s sponsorship comes along with Menard.

          1. Guess we’ll see now if Paul has what it takes. It sure is a huge blessing to Wood Brothers and of course Penske reaps the benefits too. I would’ve loved to see Bubba have got a chance but unfortunately he doesn’t have the backing. It’s a shame.

  2. Good for Brad & all of Penske. I too believe Brads best years are ahead of him. I think Brad wins another championship at some point in time. Roger has winners in Brad, Joey, and Ryan for a long time. Smart move for all concerned for sure.

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