News Analysis: Denny Hamlin signs contract extension with Joe Gibbs Racing

What happened: FedEx signed a contract extension with Joe Gibbs Racing, which ensures Denny Hamlin will remain as the driver of the No. 11 car for presumably the next few years (though the length was not disclosed). Hamlin said never considered another team. “I’ve been a horse with blinders,” he said. “Everything’s been so good at home, why venture out?”

What it means: Hamlin could have been an intriguing free agent, but now one potential Silly Season name is officially off the market. The move reaffirms Hamlin’s position as a key leader at JGR and will leave the 36-year-old in position to win races and championships in the prime of his career as older drivers continue to retire.

News value (scale of 1-10): Three. Hamlin wasn’t expected to leave JGR, nor was FedEx. Still, it’s a big-name driver signing a contract extension, so that’s notable.

Questions: With Hamlin, Daniel Suarez and Kyle Busch all seemingly staying put for awhile, where does this leave Matt Kenseth (who turns 45 next month)? At some point — maybe next year — won’t JGR want Erik Jones to come back from his temporary stay at Furniture Row Racing? Also, how much longer will Hamlin race?

2 Replies to “News Analysis: Denny Hamlin signs contract extension with Joe Gibbs Racing”

  1. …Well that is unfortunate.! Ugh! Hate Fedex anyways…sponsoring The Hamster does not help!

  2. This announcement made my day! Very happy to see Denny and FedEx staying at JGR and with Toyota. One thing for sure, as I watched my timeline fill with questions regarding the announcement, I had none…..because you kept us informed. No questions, Mr. Gluck. Keep doing a FANTASTIC JOB. My money is well spent.

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