EDM Watch: The Chainsmokers, Coldplay drop ‘Something Just Like This’ overnight

I didn’t see this coming so soon, but it was a great surprise to wake up to a new song from The Chainsmokers and Coldplay this morning: “Something Just Like This.”

We knew from social media accounts the two groups had been working on a collab together, but there hadn’t been any sort of countdown or hint it was going to drop so quickly. But with The Chainsmokers on a European tour, they brought out Coldplay to unveil the new song Wednesday night and then released it to coincide with the performance.

I love the tune. The Chainsmokers continue to crush the sweet spot between EDM and pop, and Coldplay’s presence really brings out Alex and Drew’s creativity.

Similar to “Don’t Let Me Down,” The Chainsmokers let the song build to a crescendo with the third drop being the memorable one (it even has guitar riffs!).

But enough talk about it. Take a listen for yourself: