Videos from testing at Phoenix Raceway

Here are a couple quick videos to start off the two-day NASCAR test session at Phoenix Raceway.

First, check out Dale Earnhardt Jr. making his first public laps since suffering a concussion in July (he tested at Darlington in December, but that was private):

Also, Phoenix Raceway held a news conference Monday to announce some major changes to the track. Here’s a short recap of that:

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  1. I’ve been to PIR races since 2008 Spring race when Jimmie Johnson won the night race. Lot of us fans are now disappointed who always sat on the front stretch because that was originally the start/finish line. I’ve sat all locations around PIR and my fave, along with Family attending races at PIR, we’ve always sat in the middle of Allison Grandstands turns one & two very up high around the 30-36 rows because that high at Phoenix, you can view the entire track. The original front stretch even on the top row it is hard to view the back of the track. The move of the new start/finish line will provide more competition to Phoenix for sure, but mainly they did this imo for fan experience. Mainly every year at PIR it is solely for fan experience and they’ve done an excellent job every year since.

    To note for your video, Jeff. The original front stretch where the grandstands used to be will now be the RV lots. Since no more of the infield RV lot, it is moved to the front stretch.

    I’m glad they’re still keeping Rattlesnake Hill for the fans. The view on top of that hill during the Subway Fresh Fit 600 race (when Ryan Newman won in 39 car) was breathtakingly beautiful during the dusk to night sky.

    – @WilliamCheerboy

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