Carl Edwards confused by rumors about his departure from racing

Carl Edwards wants to clear something up: The rumors about him having an ulterior motive for stepping away from racing aren’t true.

Edwards appeared puzzled Tuesday when he chatted with a small group of reporters in the Phoenix Raceway garage, where he was on hand to guide Daniel Suarez through the rookie’s first-ever Cup laps.

After a long news conference earlier this month to explain why he was leaving, Edwards thought he detailed all of his reasons fairly well.

But then he started listening to Sirius/XM Radio’s NASCAR channel in his free time and learned some people believe he had other reasons for getting out of the car.

“It’s like all the sudden I didn’t explain myself or something,” he said. “I guess if people don’t understand, that’s just the way it is. I thought I explained it pretty clearly. People gotta have something to talk about.”

At one point, Edwards paused and asked reporters for more information about the speculation (which even his former teammates have seemed to fuel).

“What is it that people think I have planned that I didn’t say?” he asked.

The reporters responded by telling Edwards some of the rumors flying around in the garage.

“Man,” he said, shaking his head. “Well, I want to go on the record saying those things are not true. I know you guys need something to talk about, but that’s pretty wild. Pretty crazy.”

Edwards said he still doesn’t know how he’ll fill his time after leaving racing, but he’s interested in doing some sailing and has been working out frequently.

As for the report Edwards might run for political office, he seemed to indicate that would be something in the more distant future than 2018.

“That whole thing blew up very quickly,” he said. “Holy crap! That went out of control.

“The point is, I don’t ever rule out anything. I really do believe in America and if a person can help maintain the future opportunities for other people, that’s our duty as Americans.

“If that’s something down the line that fits in as something I can do, that would be an endeavor I’d be real proud of. But I’m not like putting together this campaign or something; not right now.”

Carl Edwards chats with reporters during at test session at Phoenix Raceway (Photo: Jeff Gluck)

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  1. Carl we are with you and we know you are one of the best drivers NASCAR has! You have earned the the right to choose what you want to do! Go for it son!

  2. I can only guess that one reason the rumors have been running wild is because of the “out of the blue” way it happened. It was so sudden and really took people by surprise ! I even had my shirt of his with the 2017 season on it ! He has a huge fan base and people were shocked by the timing of it. I am a member of his “Proud Edheads” fan club and will really miss him a lot ! I really wish him the best in whatever he and his family do in the future, but racing won’t be the same without him ! God Bless you and your family, Carl ! A lot of people love you and you will be greatly missed !

  3. Carl you were my favorite driver. I truly hope you enjoy your retirement to the fullest. Go enjoy the rest of your life.

  4. I hope whatever you choose it will make you happy you are the only driver I’ve ever rooted for even have a golf cart with all the stickers of your Office Depot car your driver jacket ! You are the most compassionate driver and person you will be missed Good Luck!

  5. I Really hope that you come back and show them all what a true Champion is . I am go to miss you this year and we are all very sad. You are a wonderful person and through all of this I hope that you know how much your fans love and support you what you decide to do. I really was hoping to finally get to meet you this year. That is the last wish on my bucket list. Maybe it will happen some day. Until then enjoy your family and know that I will always be your #1 fan!

  6. I started watching NASCAR when you started racing and have enjoyed watching you through the years. Your retirement was a surprise but I respect your right to do whatever you feel best for you and your family. Best of Luck in your future endeavors and you will always be my favorite driver. We Missourians stick together!!

    1. I can’t imagine why you are pissed ! Carl has been my guy since he came up !
      good times , bad times always with him ! Yes , I hated seeing him quit racing ! Was so unprepared , I think that caused so much talk ! I think no body expected it ! But NO way would I ever be Pissed at him !i will miss him something terrible ! Like many of his other fans ! He was very special to his Edheads and specially
      Nancy and Sams group ! You
      Looked very relaxed and happy yesterday ! Hope to hear from you every once in awhile !Have a wonderful rest of your like with Kate and the children and the rest of your family ! !

  7. I believe most of the rumors was wishful thinking! It has been very difficult for his dedicated fans to let go, I sure miss that smile! As long as we know he is happy with his decisions, we too will be! Best wishes and much respect.

  8. My son Matt and I watch Nascar, we cheered loudly for you!! You were our favorite driver and we will greatly miss watching and cheering for you. Nascar definitely won’t be the same. We appreciate the person and driver you are. My son has a ton of your shirts and caps, his favorite gifts from me. We wish you and your family the very best, just like the very best that you gave to your fans!!

  9. Carl I love you you know that. Try not to pay attention to all the speculation and rumors people are trying to fuel, your real friends are with you.

  10. I feel like I have lost my reason to watch racing and as tho a relative is missing
    Even tho I truly respect him for what ever he does.
    I wanted to see his children but understand his keeping them away from the tv and public

  11. NASCAR will never be the same without you Carl. You’re a role model for drivers and young people and adults! I’ve made many New friends in the 5 Carl Edwards groups I belong to including the Edheads. I was fortunate to have met you with a contest I win with Stanley Racing in Chicagoland in 2016. So happy you’re spending time with your family and other exciting things. You are truly the most genuine and down to earth person I’ve ever met. You’re Mom certainly brought you up right and we all thank her for that. You’ve made your mark in racing as a determined driver bringing respect to people. You did it not only for the soit of racing but you brought respect and a great attitude to the sport. No one could ever fill your shoes. I’m your #1 fan. As your wife knows, life is too short…live it and enjoy it. We know you will with that great and genuine smile.

    1. Love you forever Carl, you know Dwight did as well, you do what is right for you and your family

    2. You are a brave young Man who followed your dream,I am very proud of the young Man you’ve become,a long way from the boy I knew but still the same as well. Love you and have so many memories with you and your family. Follow your heart.

  12. Update…
    Chicagoland in 2015 not 2016.
    We are happy for you but you will be missed. I strongly believe you have the biggest and most loyal fans and it all because of the person you are. We will miss the backflip!!

  13. Carl, you were one of the nicest Nascar drivers! You always took time for an autograph, picture or to talk to a race fan. The sport needs more drivers like you. My grandson Landon picked you for his driver when he was 3 yrs old. He will be 11 yrs old this year. I am still going to take him to the race at Loudon NH like we do every July and he will wear his Carl Edwards tshirt with pride! You will be missed! We wish you the very best in all your future endeavors!

  14. Theory: He ‘quit’ because Brian France Jr and ‘race control’. Race control are to ‘police’ the race. Not actually ‘control’ it. Which is what they did. A LOT. In his post race interview at Homestead he said…” …I just hope that caution was for necessary…” So, here is a man who has busted butt all year long with his team, etc. headed toward a sure championship with just a few laps to go …and apparently too big of a lead for NASCAR hence the caution for some tire smoke from a car that got corrected almost as soon as it got sideways. Having said that, one could still argue that if he hadn’t blocked the 22 so aggressively he still could have won, but it never should have been like that to start with. All that work. The finish line is right there and NASCAR decides …we need more drama. How would any one of us feel to have that taken away in the name of tv ratings?! Now of course I am not saying that is why he decided to leave, BUT, I do not doubt it either. NASCAR is turning into a fake pc driven – knee jerk reacting – sport for people who love to watch commercials. (NBC) ‘nothing but commercials’. (off topic I know) Anyway, I will still watch. I love racing. Have watched since I saw D.W. in the #11 Mt. Dew ride. The sport has built in drama. It is based on suspenseful events that happen throughout. There is no need for NASCAR or the ‘Brian France Jr Rule’ to add drama. Just my opinion.

  15. ( moderator) feel free to correct the Carl ‘quote’ especially my oops… was necessary – not > ‘for necessary’ lol

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