Update on the ICYMI Racing Newsletter (now the “Morning Warmup”)

Last year, I started a daily racing newsletter with the intention of making it a long-term project.

But keeping up with it proved to be too much for one person, so I put the newsletter on hiatus last July. However, I still kept paying MailChimp a monthly fee and retained the email list for sometime down the road.

That time is now — or at least this month. Together with up-and-coming racing journalist Aaron Bearden, we’re going to attempt to do a newsletter for every day in July as an experiment.

Aaron already does something similar on his Facebook page and calls it the Morning Warmup, so we’re going to use that name. It’s going to be the same newsletter as before — quick-hit racing news you might have missed, links and a look ahead to the day’s activity — just now managed by two people instead of one.

My personal goal with re-launching the newsletter is to attract some advertising revenue that will provide a source of income for Aaron. I think he’s really talented and deserves the opportunity to make a living in racing. Since he’s already doing something similar to this on his own, it seemed like a natural fit to combine our efforts.

Anyway, let us know what you think of it. The newsletter should hit your inbox each morning if you already signed up, and here’s the link to do so if you haven’t yet.

We would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

15 Replies to “Update on the ICYMI Racing Newsletter (now the “Morning Warmup”)”

  1. Looking forward to it. Though I pretty much stay on top of things there were a few I believe I missed last season and it was really nice to have a link to get to that info. Thanks Jeff and Aaron.

  2. I love the format and the quick bits of info. Looking forward to day two…

  3. I am so glad to have opened my email this morning and have this newsletter for I was tied up Saturday into very late Saturday night and was trying to see what happened and this was so helpful!!

  4. Great news! just got mine this morning and this as been a crazy weekend so it was perfect. Race channels and times were a nice touch. Aaron Bearden though I would say is already there as apposed to up and coming. I hope you guys nail down some sponsorship so this can continue. As always thank you for thinking of the readers!

  5. Am traveling, so this was greatly appreciated. Good synopsis, perfect length. Thanks!

  6. I like that it is “racing-specific”, not just NASCAR. Good stuff!

  7. I am really enjoying the daily newsletter! I tend to miss a lot during the week due to my job, so I appreciate being caught up through one quick email instead of scrolling Twitter for hours at night. Also, partnering with Aaron is a great move – he always puts out quality content, and hopefully this platform will help get it out to more consumers.

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