Post-Chicago podcast with Kate Ertmann and Brian David Johnson

This week on the post-race podcast, I’m joined by two people who have made names for themselves in their respective industries — and happen to be NASCAR fans who live in Oregon. Kate Ertmann, who is now a management consultant for small businesses,  and Brian David Johnson, a futurist and bestselling author, help me break down the exciting Chicago race.

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  1. I gotta agree with Brian Busch wrecked Larson hard…… I really don’t think he was thinking, “Oh let me hit him here so I don’t completely take him out.” He didn’t give a crap if he put him in the wall or took out half the field. He was determined to win. It’s just that Larson is so talented he was able to save it. I’m gonna guess at least 1/4 if not more of the driver’s out there wouldn’t have been to save that car.
    That being said I don’t think Busch was in the wrong.
    As for Dale he did a fantastic job. And you worry to much about him, Jeff. Back in his end of DEI and the starting of HMS days I worried about him too. But since Amy and Steve Letarte came into his life he’s a total different man.More sure of himself, confident and strong.

    Oh and it sure was nice to hear some people who are confident of NASCAR’s future. Thanks Kate and Brian.

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