Post-Michigan Podcast with Portland-area NASCAR fans

For this week’s post-race podcast, I was joined by several of the race fans who watched the Michigan race with me at a local sports bar near my new home in Oregon. The fans gave their impressions of the Michigan race and also gave their picks for the championship favorite at this point of the season.

5 Replies to “Post-Michigan Podcast with Portland-area NASCAR fans”

  1. Sarah was there and I know she’s a huge fan of DW and his boogity boogity boogity. With no sound did she shout “boogity boogity boogity lets go racing drivers” when the race started in his honor??

    Good luck with the new job to the Mrs.

  2. Karen is right about Danica, and I am afraid of what Danica possibly leaving/retiring will mean for younger girls interested in the sport. I hope that they don’t all decide to leave because their girl is out. Hopefully another female will step up and get more girls interested in the sport.

  3. I have really enjoyed the podcast the last two weeks, with the race fans, hopefully you can continue to do more with non Industry people.

  4. Quick note on the impact of Danica, young girl are coming to the track wearing her colour, cheering her every lap . She won’t be in the sport due to result & sponsorship issue.

    Great to see Larson win ,it’s just a matter of time for Elliott to break the ice.Toyota change their body design of their Camry,JGR has no win but Truex Jr. has 2 ,2 wins for Toyota. They need better fuel milage from Toyota engine.

    The championship 4 will be between Truex Jr,,Johnson,Larson & Keselowski at Homestead .

  5. Fan_freaki’_tastic Jeff G., Michael, Matthew, James, Justin, Tommy, Nicole, Jeff, Karen and of course Sarah ???? for your silent support. ????

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