Post-Bristol Night Race podcast with Aaron Bearden

Up-and-coming writer Aaron Bearden of joins me to break down Kyle Busch’s sweep at Bristol and explains why he may have to pour water on his head after the podcast.

2 Replies to “Post-Bristol Night Race podcast with Aaron Bearden”

  1. Awesome podcast Jeff & Aaron!!
    Read my thoughts on “The Top Five: Breaking down the Bristol Night Race” they’re the same.

  2. Jeff & Aaron this was really good! As not a fan of Kyle Busch I have to agree that he is good…no, great. His driving this season especially has been incredible. And as mentioned he is only 32 – I predict we will continue to see records broken during his career. Only my opinion, but a true fan of a sport will acknowledge talent even if they don’t particularly like a player or team (hey Jeff I’m a Pats fan to my core lol).
    The other thing y’all talked about that I didn’t consider is how this season Kyle B is now embracing himself. As weird as this may sound, he may get more fans because of that.
    Anyhow, while listening to this I saw that Aaron started tweeting and Jeff said he was home – hope you didn’t have to pour water over yourself Aaron. Great job guys

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