Fan Profile: Cindy Farr

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Name: Cindy Farr

Location: Chandler, Ariz.

Twitter name:  @azjrfan88

AgeOlder than dirt!!

1. How long have you been a NASCAR fan?

Since the 1970s.

2. How many races have you attended?

Around 55.

3. Who is your No. 1 favorite driver?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

4. What made you a fan of his?

His dad.

5. Who is your most disliked driver?

Joey Logano.

6. Why don’t you like him?

I’m still mad at him over the Matt Kenseth deal.

7. What is your favorite track?

Actually Phoenix, because it’s my home track!

8. What is one thing you would change if you were in charge of NASCAR?

Allow more leeway for teams to tweak their cars’ chassis to try and gain and advantage. Lift some of those tight restrictions.

9. What is one thing you would keep the same if you were in charge of NASCAR?

I would have kept the Daytona 500 the same and not put stages in it.

10. How often do you yell at the TV during a race?

A lot. Usually because there are too many commercials (I get it, but I don’t like it.) And when my driver wrecks or gets wrecked.

11. Do you have any advice for other fans?

Camp out at the track.

12. What else do you want the NASCAR world to know about you?

I loved NASCAR when it wasn’t “cool.” I miss the down home feel of races. It’s so corporate nowadays. When I see so many dresses and heels or suits and ties at the track, it makes my jaw hurt. I’d love to be at those corporate VIP events dressed in my driver T-shirt, comfy jeans, sneakers and hat, walking through the garage area!

2 Replies to “Fan Profile: Cindy Farr”

  1. Cindy you’re my kind of person! Great Q&A to both of you. I love these, let’s me learn more about some of the fellow #Gluckers

  2. Short, sweet and to the point. I love NASCAR fans.

    There is nothing better than jeans and a big comfy t-shirt. I prefer flip flops over sneakers but I guess they would be best for the track, especially the garage.

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