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If you’ve come to this site looking for the “Oral History of the 2008 Richmond race” post, it has its own page for archiving purposes.

You can find the link to the complete story here.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. spins out after contact from Kyle Busch in the 2008 Richmond race. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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    1. Yeah, you figured it out — Gluck writing an article, then Junior inviting Kyle on the podcast because of the article, is in fact Kyle trying to steal fans from Junior.

  1. lol – that was a great read. Pretty forthcoming.

    The mental fortitude to be the enemy of the sports most popular driver has to be insane. It can ruin your career or it can spur you to new heights. Busch did the latter. And honestly, I think that ticked Jr. off even more. When you hate a guy, you want everything ruined for him.

    And I don’t care what anyone says, there is no way Hendrick didn’t kick himself for keeping Busch. He was a wild one, he was unruly, but honestly – that’s what Hendrick needed. He had two perfect corporate actors. Letting the media sow a little dissension in the garage would have probably propelled every driver in the stable.

    Instead, they got another corporate hound and kept mediocrity, which was perfect for Johnson’s crew, but let the other 3 drivers on to “meh” years. Jr. is just really, really good at being “man’s man”, while playing up to the sponsors. He walks a great line of cash and parlaying that into a lengthy career that – honestly – he shouldn’t have had. And that’s his brilliance, for sure. He’s not a stupid man. And Kelley is a genius.

      1. Rick Hendrick said years ago that every time Kyle wins, “it is like a dagger in the heart.”

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