Fight! Las Vegas podcast with Jim Utter and Chris Knight

Jim Utter of and Chris Knight of join me in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway media center to help analyze the fight between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano.


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  1. Great podcast, once again. It was fun to hear the other writer’s unvarnished takes on what happened at the race. Much better than the canned coverage from the networks.

    I agree- If it weren’t for the stages this race would have been a major snooze-fest. Then you had Danica blowing up, (when does that happen anymore?) and the craziness at the end. Was it a good race? Without the formatted stages and random happenings at the end, no. With them, there was something compelling here.

    The rivalry won’t even get started. It won’t carry over to Phoenix. I think NASCAR will squash any lingering animosity, if the sponsors and Gibbs don’t demand it first. Too bad too. This would be a good one to let play out.

  2. As far as suspension, you just have to go back to Ambrose vs Mears. Didn’t happen.

    Well, never mind, Ambrose was mentioned. That was fun though, except for the fact I don’t think it was funny because Kyle was bleeding.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Too bad people feel the sport needs a wake up call, you know someone throwing a unwarranted hissy fit and making an ass of himself. It becomes news and newsworthy, how?

    How many times, how many times…has Kyle had been in a “racing incident”? Too numerous to count and I am damn sure more than Logano. That is racing. It happens every week and nobody goes up and sucker punches someone. In fact silence or an excuse in the booth..depending on the driver.

    These Gibbs Girls/Toys are very big hypocrites and whiners. I cannot remember the last time Kyle while taking a competitor “out” has apologized and then goes up and sucker punches? Hell he was mad at Alex Bowman two weeks ago for having the “nerve” to race him. I dunno, hypocrites and much ado about nothing. Kasey Kahne sure had plenty of reasons to go and punch the shitz out of him, but did not…”racing deal”.

    Fans and everybody are weird. They want racing, but they don’t want the consequence of racing. White flag last lap, you go for it, or you have no business being there. Nobody did anything wrong, expect Kyle making a fool of himself. Funny too, Joey seemed for some time to be his only friend. Oh well…now we are going to have the tired faux drama to listen to. about good racing? Racing that does not cause someone to take a nap every Sunday?

  4. It was a real joke,this is stock racing… no problem to turn,touch,bum,push side draft the original entry line
    was the M&M Camry into the Fusion door .

    Bad choice of lane or line first the best would have been a pass on the inside while Logano was side by side to Keselowski ( no outer bound limit at LVMS).

    Kyle Busch is lucky it was Logano,he could have been nail into the outside wall from many other drivers… Mayweather have is next fight after McGregor 2 local Vegas guy on FS1 Mayweather VS Kyle Busch at LVMS prelude to the 2018 playoff race!

  5. Great podcast. I saw the wreck and Joey hit him which was unnecessary. Thanks for recording the video. That was awesome. What I don’t like is how Joey was such a baby that he had his crew fight for him?? Like he’s such a baby he should have fought him. Kyle hit his head on the ground. I’m happy Kyle punched him. Joey deserves it. Plus it was hot so I believe that played a factor. I hope Nascar doesn’t do anything. – Michelle

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