Video: Kyle Busch, Joey Logano fight at Las Vegas NASCAR race

After Kyle Busch crashed at the end of Sunday’s race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, he quickly exited his car on pit road and started walking with a purpose toward the other end.

Without having seen the replay, I didn’t know where Busch was going or who he was mad at, but I figured he might want to have a chat with the responsible party.

So I pulled my phone out, and then this happened:

Logano stayed and spoke to reporters after the fight was broken up, telling the media Busch didn’t land any punches (the video is inconclusive on that, although there were no obvious marks on his face).

“I don’t run from conflict,” Logano said of the confrontation. “You just talk about it, but he wasn’t in a talking mood. He was in a fighting mood, I guess. Typically, you can handle this stuff like men and talk about it. You don’t have to fight, but whatever.”

Logano said he’s never had any previous problems with Busch and added the two have “always raced really well together.”

“We’ve never had an issue,” he said. “But I guess that’s over.”

Busch was gone by the time I got to the infield care center, but during a brief FOX interview, he indicated the bad blood may not be over.

“I got dumped,” he said. “He flat-out just drove straight in the corner and wrecked me. That’s how Joey races, so he’s going to get it.”

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  1. It’s about time someone busted joey. Joey is a punk driver that crashes ppl… Takes them out then says that’s just racing. Bull crap. I’ve heard this over and over from other drivers in interview after interview.. Kyle Busch just had the balls to do what every other drivers wanted to do to Joey

    1. Are you kidding? Really? Do you really think other drivers are going to say…GEE it was me? Come on…bullies travel in packs..and it is very easy to see who is who! Racing happens…and as if all the other ones whining are angels…Oh please..stop the hypocrisy..just stop!

    2. Your just mad Joey is the hottest racer they have and they know it. I say to old ones that’s be around to long quit your old news . Go Joey lots no .

    3. He got what he deserves for his bully type of driving! What’s good for one is good for others! Rubbing is racing!

    4. Kurt bush is checkers or wreckers he’s either going to win or crash. And he has always been more aggressive on passing people. Bump and run push them out of the way. He’s always raced dirty.

    5. Joey Logano is just an aggressive driver like Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch,, Joe Gibbs Racing is not off to a good start this year and that’s what fueled the fire on Joey Logano,, Kyle Busch lost the Saturdays race to Joey Logano,, Joey Logano has gotten dumped before and he has never went over and took a swing and anyone,, I like Kyle Busch but that was a punk pussy move,, at Daytona Jamie McMurray cause two major accidents was there fights there no,, Team Penske is a two-car Powerhouse,, and remember Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch couldn’t stand one another that’s one of the reasons why Carl Edwards left Joe Gibbs Racing,, and rumors are he’s going to Team Penske in 2018,, Joey Logano is not a punk he’s just one hell of a race car driver

      1. Last year at Richmond on the last lap Kyle Busch’s own teammate Carl Edwards pushed him out of the way for the win did Kyle Busch after the race go over and take a swing at car Edwards hell no he would have got his ass kicked,, and that was Kyle Busch’s own teammate on the last lap they both had wins and car Edwards still move them out of the way,, so you can call Joey Logano a punk he’s just one hell of a good driver and he’s very aggressive,, I like Kyle Busch but he whines too much

    6. Logano used Keselowski as a pic. The pic was no biggie. May have inspired Logano to run into the corner harder for the spot. Just typical last lap racing. Logano, as the driver of his car, would be the first to admit he went into the corner too hard and lost it. Pure stupidity on Kyle’s part to think someone running for 2nd place would intentionally crash themselves. I think paranoia schizophrenia comes in to play here. Kyle thinks every wreck that ever took place was an attempt to get him.

  2. Great job getting better video than Fox. Keep it up and I may have to up my monthly patron payment.

  3. They need to sit Joey Logano for a couple of races and fine him. You do not see Jimmie Johnson race like that nor Kyle. This is a repeat of 2015 season. Great video. Nascar will not do anything until someone gets hurt.

    1. Are you serious? Kyle is as dirty as it gets, not sure who laces Kykes forehead, but great job

    2. Not Kyle??? Kyle started that conflict by diving down and slamming into Joey’s car. I’m not a fan of either driver, but I watched the race. Kyle has been one of the most aggressive drivers on the track causing multiple wrecks. One instance had him pushing Harvick’s car out of his way in order to escape a butt kicking for wrecking drivers.

    3. Wait! Did you just say Kyle doesn’t race like that? You lost all credibility after that.

  4. Great job! Thanks for covering the races so well! Really glad to follow you! May have to up my level for your Patreonage!!

  5. Add Busch to the long list of drivers who have had an issue with Joey. We are almost to the point it’s easier to count drivers who haven’t had a run in with him.

    1. No, you have people that are hypocrites. They have no special issue with Joey, none that they would have with any other driver. Joey is a lightening rod of jealous young wannabe’s and hypocrites (older ladies) play dumb fans like a fiddle. Ask yourself, why not this histrionics with other drivers? All show and total BS. That was racing, KYLE of all people whining, that is truly farcical and the height of hypocrisy. Nope, Kyle was wrong on this, and he looked like an idiot. I would say that there is a longer line of drivers wanting to kick Kyles arse than Logano’s at this point in time. Kyle is a do as I say guy, don’t pay attention to his actions. The older girls are showing their age.

      1. Wrong more drivers dislike logano than Busch. Joey drove in the corner too hard and used Busch up and when you do that you prove your worth. I personally don’t like either driver but this will be happening more often due to new points system.

        1. Wrong Anon, Kyle turned left and smacked the front end of Joey’s car before entering the corner. After that, anything Joey did was earned by Kyle. Watched the video angle looking head on. Clearly started by Kyle.

          1. Actually Brad’s slowing started it all…it’s what caused Kyle to cut down into joey…ok so joey didn’t just move & let him have the spot…NO reason to throw a punch…always hated Kyle justvlikr Stewart…ugh!!!

  6. Great Video! Busch is a jerk, wonder how many people would love to do that to him!!!

  7. So he pulled that pass on more than one car. One with possibility of wrecking Stenhouse. Broken legs warm and fuzzy gone from the glow last year. Everyone is racing on his track. ‘Bout time someone; punches him in the face. Came out on the wrong side of that one.

  8. Awesome video and nice interview with Joey. You’re doing a great job with the site so far!

  9. Anyone else notice the crew member at the 17 second mark landing a kick to Kyle… that guy deserves some punishment for kicking someone already on the ground!

    1. Come on man! Stop stating things that aren’t true. They guy was trying to regain his balance and nothing more. I saw what you saw the first time and rewound it to be sure what I was seeing. I suggest you do the same. I’m no fan of Kyle but that is just simply not true. I expect this stuff from the media but not fans.

  10. Great work Jeff! You got some awesome raw footage and, as always, do a great job of keeping the fans posted. Keep it up!

  11. Our guy Jeff Gluck on the scene!! Way to go, Jeff!! Congrats to Bird Lancaster for saving the day and getting Kyle out of there.

  12. Joey said he didnt take any shots. Bullshit, that right cross caught him flush on the jaw.

  13. Hmm. I thought last year NASCAR said that they’re not going to “allow” any sort of retaliation on-the-track. Now, if Kyle started this by (as Joey insists) “making the 22 run below the line” then isn’t Joey’s wrecking of Kyle the retaliation?

  14. I gotta say, all you people “cheering” the idiot Kyle on, well are hypocrites. This stuff happens weekly and never a word. Kyle is no saint when it comes to aggressive driving and has incidents and not a word! He never acknowledges it with post race interviews as he walks away or dismisses the other person completely and goes thru his “poor me” routine then start sucking on his sponsor..Mars.

    Would he pull this crap with anybody BUT Logano? Lord knows many a driver could have by Kyle’s logic walked over and kicked the living crap out of him for things he does, but most realize it is racing.

    Because the Gibbs Glamour Pageant contestants live by the DO AS I SAY, DON’T DO AS I do creed, this does not suprise…it is CATNIP for haters, who are jealous and don’t give a rats butt about racing at all…it all about the hate and put down. Shameful how large this segment is part of a “fan experience”!

    Where is your outrage since 2015 that the Gibbs Glamour Girls cannot seem to clear a Penske driver?

    You all say you want racing, this was the last lap..go for it don’t own anybody anything…and yet you hypocrites still complain! You must not like racing…you are all the Kardashian type fans….celebrity, not racing. Logano did nothing wrong, that is the way stuff rolls in racing. Kasey Kahne would love to talk to you hypocrites…Joey too and every other damn driver that Kyle has had an “opps” with. The deal that is being made out if this shows what a sad state this sport is in!

    1. The only two idiots are Joey and redribbonrules. Kyle had to move down early on last lap or crash Brad. This caused Joey to move down. Everything is good at this point. Then punk Joey as he usually does intentionally, key word is intentionally drove into turn and pushed up hard into Kyle. Face-up, Joey is the most disliked driver among the drivers. No surprise there.
      Matt tried a couple years ago, but somebody sooner is going to take that rich boy, I can do whatever I want to, punk into a place he can’t return from.

      1. What race were you watching, Gordon? Kyle didn’t “Move down early causing Joey to move down” Kyle turned left hitting Joey’s car rather than lifting. He felt it was better to wreck Joey than lose a position. Once you intentionally ram someone’s car, all bets are off. Joey had every right to wreck him.

  15. Great job of capturing a cat fight.
    Don’t like either driver. Basically a racing deal. Neither wanted to back down (nor should they have). Busch made first contact because he didn’t want to get stuck behind the 2 car, Logano made second contact by driving into the corner too hard. Kind of stupid since neither was going for the win and they were basically racing for 2nd and 3rd at that point. They can wreck each other in retribution for the rest of the season for all I care.

  16. Jeff, great job getting this video! I noticed Shrub’s handler stopped short of following him into the Penske boys. Smart thinking on his part.

  17. I don’t like Kyle. But Logano is a dirty racer…too many racers have had issues with him. Even Matt (yes, the Old and Icy Matt) went to retaliate him (Martinsville ’15…never forget). Hope Kyle put him on the wall sooner than later.
    Penske have a pair of dirty drivers.

  18. Gluck,
    Can we get you to cover the entire race instead of FOX? FOX has become one, long display of advertisements instead of actually covering the race. You managed to capture the best footage of the entire weekend.

  19. Way to be there Gluck!

    I don’t root for either driver which is probably why I just enjoyed the hell out of this. Both guys had beef and both settled it in their own way.

    Only gripe I have is with crew guys jumping in. Those idiots need to back the hell off and let the guys who have a problem with one another settle it amongst themselves. Jumping a guy when he’s engaged is a puss move.

  20. Joeys ego is bigger than his drivers ability I wish I had a rich uncle.
    he broke Dennys Hamlin back cost Matt Kenseth shot at the championship and purposely wrecks Kyle yes I would say he got it coming to him again. Didn’t Joe Gibbs give him his first shot Kyle has more class in little finger than Joey has ever had!!!!

  21. I’m glad someone else finally gave Joey what he needs. He’s nothing but a spoiled rich kid driving a race car because of daddy’s money and he has no care to who he wrecks or takes out. Matt got fed up and know Kyle finally got fed up. I only wish Kyle could of knocked the piss out of him before Joey’s crew guys got involved. by the way at this point who hasn’t Joey pissed off racing like an idiot hopefully his year will be filled with ruin again just like when Matt taught the little punk a lession

  22. Kyle had no choice to come down on Joey or he would have hit Brad k. In the rear!!!

  23. I don’t like either one but I dislike Logano more. If I were a man I would like to wipe that stupid smile off his face. At least Kyle seems to have grown up some and I do mean just a little bit. The crews do needs to stay out of it but Logano hides behind his he is so chicken, but his mouth is not. I bet I could beat him up.

  24. Big Picture! Two years ago Logano dumped Kenseth who made sure Logano couldn’t win the championship. Last year Logano wrecked Carl and took himself out of the Championship. Last Sunday Logano wrecked Kyle who will probably keep Logano out of the Championship. He’s not learning. By the way, Keselowski was involved/wrecked in all of those mishaps, too.


  26. To all you bush haters do you know what you are even talking about or are you just one race watch season Joey will be knocked out any chance k.b. Gets, at this point Joey is just a dressed up dead man and all scumbag Penske money and little rich uncles money is not going to save him from kissing the wall message to Joey LaDonna ???? If I were in your shoes little girl I would start investing in some sandbags because you’re going to need a stack of about 5 feet around you and they’re going to use you for a war zone along the side of brad, also another punk dirty racer: The best driver Penske ever had was Donahue Joey couldn’t even compare to Donahue Best thing to do Joey is hang your head low and kiss your butt before you get Spun to the wall Because it’s comming ( Kenseth style) I wish I could race you and we only race on n.h.r.a but I guarantee I would take your punk but out within five laps stop hiding behind everybody’s money and man up you have a beef with everybody because that’s who you are happy face on Sunday and miserable all week you think K.b. is the only one Who wants the ring your bell’s you have a whole list of people getting ready to ring your bell I hope you get taken out early today then I could really enjoy the race it’s always a good time when you see J.L. Or B.K. Behind the wall ????????!!!!!!!! Go Dale Jr. ???????????????? I hope Joey does not wreck you if he does Dale don’t get involved with any confrontation the fans will take care of it for you or tony will finish him.

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