Fantasy Chase update: Martinsville results, Texas picks

Martinsville was not a good race for most of the remaining players in the Fantasy Chase.

Sure, there were the seven people who picked Jeff Gordon and advanced to the championship round (congrats!). And those who picked Kyle Busch or Kevin Harvick left in pretty good shape.

Everyone else? Woof.

The battle for the top 25 spots is wide open right now, as everyone would currently make the final round based on a tie. 16th place only has 11 points. More than half the field scored no points based on the rule that prevents you from scoring points if you picked a driver who is no longer in the real Chase.

Anyway, here’s an update after Week 1 of Round 3:

Twitter ID Points Texas
2xMrK 1000 Edwards
briang3386 1000 Kenseth
dgoodin24 1000 Harvick
dmcgrew 1000 Kenseth
JohnsonErikM 1000 Kenseth
jordanthenascar 1000 Johnson
Kathy 1000 Kenseth
jojoluvs18 39 Busch (Kyle)
Macd_6 39 Logano
Peidelaney 39 Kenseth
bharden94 37 Keselowski
cool1982 37 Keselowski
Cracks1313 37 Busch (Kyle)
KJL1521 37 Busch (Kyle)
Mhouser88 37 Harvick
Gary88Marion 11 Kenseth
Matthew_Ryan4 11 Johnson
chrisonethree 9 Edwards
jay_wilkins17 9 Keselowski
The_GreenFlag 9 Harvick
sewacter 0 Logano
ahaywood7 0 Johnson
AndrewWaldrop 0 Busch (Kyle)
b_Verba 0 Kenseth
bobdare18 0 Johnson
bshell00 0 Kenseth
BZieg66 0 Johnson
CJSully 0 Kenseth
clarinetbiter13 0 Edwards
hellrod4 0 Busch (Kyle)
jenbrott 0 Busch (Kyle)
jjrs18 0 Kenseth
krsheart 0 Harvick
marc_b 0 Busch (Kyle)
mattyg00dtimes 0 Logano
maureenholt 0 Keselowski
Senna94 0 Busch (Kyle)
ShowtimeChase 0 Kenseth
benthurman 0 Busch (Kyle)
chekrs_or_rekrs 0 Busch (Kyle)
claytonroots 0 Harvick
dabrowmatt 0 Kenseth
dickiep1018 0 Busch (Kyle)
Jayua 0 Harvick
jcnewton42 0 Johnson
JimHogle 0 Logano
kristidbm 0 Busch (Kyle)
RMOOREJR99 0 Gordon
SubmarineMike88 0 Kenseth
ztew 0 Harvick
jflittle 0 Logano
NSCRtruckFAN 0 Johnson
PackerDuke 0 Edwards