Fantasy Chase picks: Week 5

Things are happening REALLY FAST through four weeks of our Fantasy Chase game, as we’re already down to 71 players after starting with 197.

How fast?

You’re absolutely right, Ron Burgundy. In fact, let’s how look at how quickly the field has been whittled:

Pre-race Players left
Chicago 197
New Hampshire 183
Dover 113
Kansas 107
Charlotte 71

How about Charlotte? Is there more craziness ahead?

For starters, at least one person picked 11 of the 12 remaining Chase drivers (everyone except for Ryan Newman) for Saturday night’s race, which ensures more people will be eliminated.

But how many? The popular pick to stay out of the bottom four this week is Kasey Kahne, which makes sense. The best pick, though, might be Kevin Harvick.

Why? Because Adam Huth picked Harvick. You might remember Huth as the dude who won seven regular season races. Well, make it eight victories on the year — he picked Joey Logano at Kansas last week.

It’s too bad for Huth, though, that his wins mean nothing in terms of winning the championship. That’s what a points reset will do for ya.

Anyway, here are all your picks for Charlotte (note: picks in Italics means driver already eliminated):

Twitter ID Charlotte
KeviRHatfield Busch, Kurt
Springwolf Busch, Kurt
Dfblanchard Busch, Kurt
HitYourMarks Busch, Kurt
davidlerner75 Busch, Kyle
Nascar_Nut Busch, Kyle
BPierce Busch, Kyle
dave_phillips1 Busch, Kyle
poloshot Busch, Kyle
Sam_Beishuizen Busch, Kyle
Sports2hiphop Busch, Kyle
chrisonethree Busch, Kyle
brian_wiggins Earnhardt Jr., Dale
AshBollinger Earnhardt Jr., Dale
icemankeller Earnhardt Jr., Dale
wdoyle66 Edwards, Carl
Bradley_016 Edwards, Carl
kennethriggs Edwards, Carl
oldguyjk Edwards, Carl
Toenailurface Edwards, Carl
lorettamagers Gordon, Jeff
fatbuzz66 Gordon, Jeff
Mattdobson_7 Gordon, Jeff
Huth88 Hamlin, Denny
Readymixchick Hamlin, Denny
quickdraw222 Hamlin, Denny
jdubharris Hamlin, Denny
gregatkins Hamlin, Denny
Kfisher88 Harvick, Kevin
devyanks90 Harvick, Kevin
CopaCavanna Harvick, Kevin
jsoupzzz Harvick, Kevin
Scottwilfong Harvick, Kevin
ZHorrall224 Harvick, Kevin
Adam_Huth Harvick, Kevin
ncraiderfan17 Johnson, Jimmie
cgros127 Johnson, Jimmie
lancesells Johnson, Jimmie
cpeuterb Johnson, Jimmie
basspro24chevy Johnson, Jimmie
dickiep1018 Johnson, Jimmie
Chubdubblub Kahne, Kasey
turbojunker Kahne, Kasey
bruce_compton15 Kahne, Kasey
gonzalezterence Kahne, Kasey
ItsAlexKaplan Kahne, Kasey
Amishkid17 Kahne, Kasey
thndrnghrd24 Kahne, Kasey
digertwo Kahne, Kasey
bakemoney2000 Kahne, Kasey
CFDIG Kahne, Kasey
TheTigerBones Kahne, Kasey
Coates_Burghfan Kahne, Kasey
AppBuckeye31 Kahne, Kasey
rebel388 Kahne, Kasey
mattgross Kahne, Kasey
tcholbrook Kahne, Kasey
coreyr12 Kahne, Kasey
dallasjunebug Kahne, Kasey
chris_siebold22 Kenseth, Matt
Revvin4Seven48 Kenseth, Matt
csvelin Kenseth, Matt
HD388 Kenseth, Matt
stephenflorentz Keselowski, Brad
Ed_326 Keselowski, Brad
fnmetal Keselowski, Brad
mauhernz Keselowski, Brad
ClintLJones Logano, Joey
trv240sx Logano, Joey
katiecole125 Logano, Joey
Gael78II Logano, Joey