You’ll never see Dale Earnhardt Jr. at a gas station

So I was listening to the Dale Jr. Download podcast on the way to Talladega Superspeedway this morning, and my ears perked up at one of the discussions.

It turns out Earnhardt often doesn’t carry a wallet — or a drivers license — when he leaves the house (he said he didn’t think he needed to actually have the actual license on him, but fans watching on Periscope set him straight).

Leaving a drivers license at home is one thing, but the whole wallet? I had to know: How does someone function in daily life without carrying any money for gas or food?

As it turns out, it’s actually a reasonable explanation.

“I have a gas tank at the house, so I don’t buy gas at the store,” he said. “We buy gas in bulk — it’s a little cheaper. That’s something Kenny Wallace told me a long time ago when I was fixing up my property in about 2002 or 2003: He’s like, Get you a gas tank and buy it in bulk — it’s cheaper. That way, you don’t have to go anywhere to get gas; you just pull out of the driveway, pump it right there and get on down the road.”

And as for food?

“Usually if I don’t have my wallet and it’s time to eat, whoever is with me is going to buy the food,” he said. “I’m good for it, though. So it’s usually no big discussion.”

Earnhardt said he leaves the house without a wallet roughly half the time, but it’s not on purpose. He’d prefer to have the wallet with him, but he just forgets.

“It’s a pain in the butt, because I go to JR Motorsports and I don’t have my key to get in the door,” he said. “I have to have somebody come down there and get me in, which is a little embarrassing for the guy that owns the building.”

The thing is, Earnhardt said his wallet isn’t usually on his mind because “I don’t really spend money.”

“I don’t really go buy stuff,” he said. “Usually when I’m out and about, I’m going to do something as far as a responsibility with my team — going to a team meeting or something like that — and I’m not really hardly in a store to physically purchase anything. I guess that’s why I keep forgetting it — because I don’t hardly need it.”

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  1. It is a pain. Just started taking it out while driving, sitting etc. Was contributing to my back problems

    1. Ditto, learned that years ago, I do have to carry money though, money clip, front pocket

    2. You know a ticket is all up to the cop that makes a stop to give or not to give a ticket is a personality decision if the cop is trying to make a name for him self then yes if not its going to be lets go to Whiskey River and have a beer and maybe autograph the beer once again he don’t need a walet Go JR

        1. I would pay for your beer to say thanks for paying for Junior’s beer any day.

  2. Sorry but that’s really irresponsible. You should have your license at all times, Have a immediate means of payment and also I.D in case of accident. But I guess he’s privileged.

    1. Oh I had no idea I was privileged. Hmmm not as special as I thought it would be

    2. Hell, 70% of the time I don’t even carry my wallet, not about being privileged at all, it’s just life.

  3. He’s privileged because he doesn’t carry a wallet? I rarely carry mine as well, it has nothing to do with privilege.

  4. I saw it on his Periscope . Mike Davis, Tyler Overstreet and the fans were shocked because he thought it was ok to drive without a license. Then the fans were totally confusing, some saying it was perfectly fine, others saying he would be ticketed. There were even two who claimed to be cops, one said he was good, the other saying he would be fined.

    Do they not have license checks in N.C.? I know for a fact, in Ga., if you don’t have your license on your person , you do NOT get behind the wheel. I even heard where someone got fined and they had their license in their pants in the trunk. They’d been swimming and not changed their clothes. Used to be the same with insurance too but that law has changed.

    1. Anita, you need a license. More than likely he is being lazy and betting if pulled over the “Earnhardt” name and a autograph will excluded him from any tickets or arrest. Mollify the sheep. Just sayin, imo.

  5. I think carrying wallets is a personal preference. The trend now are these minimalist wallets that fit a license, maybe 1 credit card, a hospital card, and that’s about it. With credit/debit cards, electronic payments on your phone and the like a lot of people, especially millennials, don’t carry cash anymore. I think I’ve been to the ATM twice this year, and once was to get money out at a casino.

    As far as a driver’s license goes, you should have that on you at all times when you’re out of the house. Many folks in America make a big fuss about people not having an ID (especially for voting), they should practice what they preach.

      1. ???????? Lol, Michael. But I am a Dale Jr., privileged or not. ????

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