The Untitled Jeff Gluck Podcast: Episode 4

I’m riding solo in this edition of the podcast, but I’m not alone thanks to questions submitted in the patron Facebook group. Topics include Daytona Day, Danica’s sponsor situation and Dale Jr.’s strong Phoenix test.

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  1. I’d rather listen to your podcasts than watch TV in the evenings. More….. we want More!

  2. Daytona Day is a bad marketing idea period. It misses the point altogether. Focus on racing folks. Why don’t they get it?

  3. Yo, Jeff. I was listening to your podcast #4 and your comments about the future of NASCAR with the expected retirement of some top tier drivers in the next few years. I know I don’t have to tell you how Teri and I felt about Carl Edwards. It was pretty obvious I think. But what I will tell you is that now that he has decided to leave the sport unexpectedly, our excitement and enthusiasm for the sport has dropped significantly. By that I mean of the 6 to 8 races we were planning on going to this year, we will probably only be going to 3, and that’s only because we already have tickets for them.
    Carl’s unexpected departure 7 weeks before the start of the season has left us sad, hurt, frustrated and honestly, angry. We knew at some point he would retire, we “knew” there would be a farewell tour. We planned on going to every race possible to show our support for our driver. But now, nothing.
    When we had ask for your help in finding a driver that would appreciate having Teri and I as fans, the only NASCAR DRIVER to answer the call was Blake Koch in the Xfinity series. So we are now TheKochKrew and hopefully we can build a relationship with Blake like we had with Carl and regain some of that lost enthusiasm.

  4. just found your stuff. love it man. you have a good since of whats going on that I agree with no puff the magic nascar dragon real world talk. what I wonder about the no garage wreck rule is how easy revenge wrecks will be come and then nascar will have to make a judgement call on.

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