The 24 Minutes of Daytona podcast

While attempting to stay up for every hour at the Rolex 24, I recorded podcast segments throughout the race. Featuring cameos from Nate Ryan, Jenna Fryer, Holly Cain, John Haverlin, Christopher DeHarde and race fans attending the event.

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  1. It’s almost impossible to suggest what could have been different by IMSA. I question some of the “yellow” vs “red” decisions and some of the “yellow” vs “green” decisions… but had they been different, an equal number of fans and teams would still have been unhappy. I do have a couple of gripes with IMSA. 1. I thought that many of the yellow and green flag laps were very dangerous for the drivers. 2. Why does NASCAR insist on leading off the season with its biggest race? IMSA follows suit to keep the “Speed Weeks” mystique alive. Why not run the 24 in April or August? Start it at noon on Friday and finish it at noon on Saturday. If it rains too hard, red flag it and stop the clock. When track conditions are safe, ret=start the race and the clock.

  2. Poor baby 🤗. I really hate that it was such a miserable race. I don’t know because I’ve never followed it this closely, I’ve watched some of the start and the end but not kept up with the whole thing, but like Jenna said if the conditions had of been better you probably would have had a better time. You probably still would have been feeling sick, lack of sleep does that to you but the action on the track would have helped to alleviate some of that. Maybe you need to give it one more chance but see if you can get a better forecast next time. From what I saw on twitter and Rutledge Wood it looks like people were having a blast.

    P.S. Nice touch with the gong, every time I heard it I cracked a smile.

  3. I attended my first Rolex 24 this year. It was a lot to take in and overall it was a lot of fun despite the weather. I left at the 2nd red flag because I had not been to sleep and still had a 2 hr drive home in the rain. I will definitely try it again next year, and trying to talk people into going with me next time.

  4. I felt really bad for you after listening to your podcast. But it didn’t stop me from laughing during it too. As much as I would like to watch the full 24 hours, I know that’s not an option anymore, especially the older I get. There’s no shame in grabbing a few hours sleep during the race, after all, the cars and drivers will be there when you get back.
    The one thing I feel the worst about, you weren’t there for the end. To see the incredible jubilation of not just the winning teams, but of all the teams, for finishing a 24 hour race.

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