Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Power Rankings: Week 4

Each week during this season of Survivor, I’ll be ranking the castaways in terms of best chance to win the game. Last week, Patrick was voted off after being ranked No. 16 of the 16 remaining players.

Week 4 Power Rankings: 

1. Ben (Last week: 1): I really hope he ends up with Chrissy on his new tribe, because I liked that pairing a lot. No reason to drop him in the rankings.

2. Ali (Last week: 5): She’s playing a great game. It’s too bad former ally Patrick couldn’t be smart enough to help her advance, but she’s good at forming relationships with many different kinds of people.

3. Ryan (Last week: 2): I’m still liking the game Ryan is playing, but I worry he could be targeted as a weak player in challenges on his new tribe.

4. Chrissy (Last week: 3): With a tribe swap approaching, Chrissy will need to get herself off the bottom quickly in order to avoid a similar “Mom Squad” scenario she experienced in Week 1. I hope she can find some people to work with.

5. Mike (Last week: 6): It’s more likely a tribe swap could help him than hurt him. He shouldn’t be a target right away, especially if he’s not on the same tribe as Joe (since Joe had been telling everyone Mike had an idol). On the other hand, he sits out of challenges and could be viewed as an easy target if people want to get rid of a weak competitor.

6. Devon (Last week: 7): I want to see more out of Devon before I can start to think he’s a major player in this game.

7. Ashley (Last week: 9): It’s hard to see her winning the whole game right now, but she’s not playing herself out of it as long as she avoids the JP relationship distraction.

8. Lauren (Last week: 11): Now that Patrick is gone and a tribe swap is approaching, could better days be ahead for Lauren?

9. Roark (Last week: 12): We still don’t know much about Roark, but she keeps moving up the power rankings because of people playing actively worse games than she is.

10. JP (Last week: 8): Despite his skills as a provider, he doesn’t seem to have much of a social game. We got some insight into his future when Chrissy and Ben were considering getting rid of him.

11. Jessica (Last week: 13): She seems like a sweet person (with rare kisses!) but not the kind of cutthroat strategist who would win Survivor.

12. Desi (Last week: 14): We don’t see much of Desi, except she and Roark were both offended last week by Joe throwing food away.

13. Alan (Last week: 15): He had a quiet week, so maybe he can establish himself on his new tribe. That said, I’m still not very high on his long-term prospects.

14. Joe (Last week: 4): This guy has been on a roller coaster in the power rankings. One week I’ll like his gameplay — because I want to like his style — and the next week I’ll be down on him. This week? Bleh. Throwing food into the woods because he’s too picky about it? Not a good sign at all.

15. Cole (Last week: 10): From my notes while watching last week’s episode, I wrote down, “Cole is dumb.” Maybe it’s because he’s going around telling everyone about Joe’s idol. Maybe it’s because of his showmance with Jessica. Maybe both. Either way, he’s not going to win Survivor.


Week 1: Katrina (ranked No. 6 of 18 remaining players)

Week 2: Simone (ranked No. 17 of 17 remaining players)

Week 3: Patrick (ranked No. 16 of 16 remaining players)