Survivor Ghost Island Power Rankings: Week 7

Each week, I’ll be ranking the remaining castaways from Survivor: Ghost Island by their best overall chance to win the game. Here’s how things look heading into Week 7 (the eighth episode of the season).

Just when it looked like another Original Malolo member would get the boot, Bradley surprisingly got taken out in a momentary blow to the Original Naviti alliance. Still, there are eight Original Naviti left and only five Original Malolo as we approach the merge this week.

To help you keep track, I’ve added a (O-Nav) or (O-Mal) by the names below. These are ranked by best chance of winning the whole game.

Note: If you are confused on which player is which, click on their name to see a photo of them.

Survivor Power Rankings: Week 7

1. Domenick (Last week: 2) — (O-Nav) The removal of Bradley was actually a power move by Domenick — according to Bradley’s interview with Rob Has A Podcast. Bradley claims Domenick was running circles around everyone with his gameplay in the pre-merge tribes.

2. Wendell (Last week: 1) — (O-Nav) I have a lot of faith in Wendell, but now he’s going to have to pick a side between Domenick and Chris. I think he will ultimately go with Domenick, but the fact he’ll have to alienate some members of the tribe probably isn’t great.

3. Kellyn (Last week: 3) — (O-Nav) Did you know Kellyn had a SUPER tight alliance with Bradley? The edit hasn’t shown us this, but the players have revealed this info afterward. They were basically viewed as a power couple. Kellyn is very smart and strategic. How will she fare on her own?

4. Chris (Last week: 7) — (O-Nav) You would think Chris has no chance of winning based on everything we’ve seen, but if he somehow prevails in getting Domenick booted — watch out! He could make a run. I don’t see it happening, but I’m putting him up here in case it does.

5. Chelsea (Last week: 5) — (O-Nav) She is with a strong group on Domenick’s team. If that core stays together, it could be the final four. (I don’t think she can win, though)

6. Sebastian (Last week: 4) — (O-Nav) He’s tight with Chris, and if those two convince Wendell to go with them over Domenick, then he could be in solid shape for awhile. That said, I’m not sure how strategic he is.

7. Michael (Last week: 13) — (O-Mal) It would be a near-miracle if he somehow wasn’t targeted in the next few weeks, but if he can somehow stay in the middle as Domenick and Chris do battle, he might emerge with some numbers on the other side.

8. Laurel (Last week: 10) — (O-Mal) Now that the merge has arrived, she might have more of a shot. It’s still going to be tough to break up Original Naviti, though.

9. Desiree (Last week: 8) — (O-Nav) She has the numbers, so there’s no reason to think she is an immediate threat of getting voted out. Let’s see what she can do with a few extra weeks to make some moves.

10. Donathan (Last week: 12) — (O-Mal) The other players need to be careful. If they completely overlook Donathan while taking out bigger threats and he makes it all the way to the end, the jury might give him the money.

11. Angela (Last week: 9) — (O-Nav) She’s at the bottom of Original Naviti. Now with the merge upon us, she has to make a move or risk going down with the Chris ship.

12. Libby (Last week: 11) — (O-Mal) In reading some of her interviews leading up to her job at Texas Motor Speedway (she was a “Great American Sweetheart” model), I realized she was not a Survivor fan before the game. The producers found her, not vice versa. Not sure how well that bodes for her now that the merge is here and strategy becomes a huge thing.

13. Jenna (Last week: 14) — (O-Mal) Apparently she won Sebastian’s heart at some point on the island, but I don’t think she will win the game.



Week 1: Gonzalez (ranked No. 8 of 20 castaways) and Jacob (ranked No. 4 of 20).

Week 2: Morgan (ranked No. 14 of 18)

Week 3: Brendan (ranked No. 2 of 17)

Week 4: Stephanie (ranked No. 1 of 16)

Week 5: James (ranked No. 10 of 15)

Week 6: Bradley (ranked No. 6 of 14)