Survivor Ghost Island Power Rankings: Week 5

Each week, I’ll be ranking the remaining castaways from Survivor: Ghost Island by their best overall chance to win the game. Here’s how things look heading into Week 5 (the sixth episode of the season).

Right now, the members of the Original Naviti tribe (nine players left) are running the game and sticking strong together. They’ve been quickly picking off the Original Malolo members (six players left), forcing yet another tribe swap this week. Because of that, I’m now going to add a (O-Nav) or (O-Mal) by the names to help keep track of the balance of power.

Note: If you are confused on which player is which, click on their name to see a photo of them.

Survivor Power Rankings: Week 5


1. Wendell (Last week: 2) (O-Nav) There’s something I like about Wendell that I can’t really nail down, but he seems to just be playing a smart, under-the-radar game so far. That said, he hasn’t really been tested yet.

2. Domenick (Last week: 3) — (O-Nav) I’m leaving him up here as a pair with Wendell. They could really run the game if Original Naviti sticks together and then they end up with the stronger half of that tribe.

3. Kellyn (Last week: 5) — (O-Nav) Kellyn showed a great deal of emotion last week in voting Stephanie out, but she stuck to her guns anyway and made the right move for her game (and her alliance). At some point, I think she’ll start making some bigger moves.

4. Sebastian (Last week: 13) — (O-Nav) He showed some consideration of listening to the other side, which could be a sign for later. And he’s with a strong group for now. But he seems like a physical threat and could be targeted around the merge time.

5. Chelsea (Last week: 8) — (O-Nav) She has the numbers, but she hasn’t shown too much of a game so far. That said, there’s no reason for someone to take her out at this point. 

6. Desiree (Last week: 9) — (O-Nav) She’s played a quiet game. Like Chelsea, she’s with a strong alliance that has no incentive to consider her a threat in the near future.

7. Angela (Last week: 12) — (O-Nav) Honestly, she sort of floated up here based on having the numbers. But she seems to be toward the bottom of Original Naviti once it starts to fracture (Wendell and Domenick already tried to boot her earlier).

8. Laurel (Last week: 4) (O-Mal) After rising in the rankings, I have to drop Laurel purely based on the weak numbers of the Original Malolo tribe. She’s playing a great game, but how is she going to break through that tight-knit block of Original Naviti?

9. Libby (Last week: 11) — (O-Mal) Libby played well after being swapped over to Naviti, but there’s concern over how this upcoming shakeup will affect her game. Given she doesn’t seem to have the numbers, making the merge is no sure thing.

10. James (Last week: 10) — (O-Mal) If the trend of picking off Original Malolo continues, he’s a convenient target.

11. Donathan (Last week: 14) — (O-Mal) He’s made connections, and his lack of strength combined with people constantly underestimating him will only help his chances of making the merge. Still, he’s definitely in the minority group.

12. Michael (Last week: 7) (O-Mal) He’s been fun to watch, but he’s an endangered species right now given the lack of a big alliance. Maybe he can use the wise-beyond-his-years game to make it to the merge as a swing vote, but he’s running out of lives.

13. Jenna (Last week: 6) — (O-Mal) It’s clear anyone from Original Malolo is not in a good spot right now, and she hasn’t shown enough game play to be considered a serious contender.

14. Bradley (Last week: 16) — (O-Nav) I still can’t stand Bradley, but he definitely has the numbers to make the merge. Once there, hopefully people will turn on him.

15. Chris (Last week: 15) — (O-Nav) Whoa, this dude is really good at challenges. And he has made it further than I thought after some early missteps, even reaching out to Donathan last week. Still, what Survivor winner has ever said: “I’m a diamond in the rough — do you see me glow?” He’s way too big of a target to win.


Week 1: Gonzalez (ranked No. 8 of 20 castaways) and Jacob (ranked No. 4 of 20).

Week 2: Morgan (ranked No. 14 of 18)

Week 3: Brendan (ranked No. 2 of 17)

Week 4: Stephanie (ranked No. 1 of 16)