Survivor Ghost Island Power Rankings: Week 2

Two castaways have already been eliminated heading into Week 2. Here’s how things could look heading into what appears to be an early-season tribe swap.

Note: These rankings are in order of best chance to win the game.

Survivor Power Rankings: Week 2

1. Stephanie (Last week: 3) — My favorite player so far. She manipulated Jacob into spilling his secret and played the whole thing masterfully. It’s going to be fun to see how she handles these next few weeks, because she might come off too heavy-handed if she’s not careful.

2. Brendan (Last week: 1) — Seems like a strong leader, but wayyyy too much of one. He needs to be careful to stay below the radar if possible, or he will be a target before the merge.

3. Wendell (Last week: 7) — Appears to be very likable and has a good head on his shoulders. It’s early, but he could emerge as a strong player.

4. Domenick (Last week: 2) — Scrambling! I like his style and he’ll be entertaining, but that’s not the kind of steady game needed to win it all. He needs to tone it down a bit (although nice work grabbing the idol!).

5. Desiree (Last week: 6) — I like her personality, but we already found out she isn’t good at slide puzzles (or puzzles in general). Few Survivor winners can say that.

6. Laurel (Last week: 9) — I thought she was going to be more of a nerd, but she’s pretty athletic as well. Could be a good combo that takes her far.

7. Jenna (Last week: 10) — She seems quietly steady so far and is willing to do what it takes to vote with the majority. I don’t see her as being a target for awhile.

8. Kellyn (Last week: 11) — Lots of potential here, but I need to see more before really moving her up into top five territory.

9. Michael (Last week: 14) — He got gassed in the first challenge, but sort of recovered socially as the episode went on. Will be interesting to see how his game develops.

10. Chelsea (Last week: 16) — I didn’t get a great feel for her game last week.

11. Bradley (Last week: 12) — I didn’t get a great feel for his game last week.

12. James (Last week: 5) — I’ve never been on Survivor, so this is probably an unfair criticism, but…shouldn’t you work on your swimming skills before going out there? Like make sure they are really, really good?

13. Libby (Last week: 15) — The biggest unknown of the season is whether Libby will still be on the show when NASCAR rolls into Texas Motor Speedway in a few weeks (she’s a “Great American Sweetheart” at the track). After the first episode, the chances look decent.

14. Morgan (Last week: 19) — She has the legacy advantage! Will she be around long enough to play it for herself? Eh….

15. Angela (Last week: 20) — It just feels like she’s going to butt heads with someone and get herself in trouble.

16. Sebastian (Last week: 13) — The bromance with Chris will sink his game. Sorry, Sea Bass.

17. Donathan (Last week: 18) — He’s an underdog, which could play well, but he’s almost too much of an underdog. It’s not like he’s Cochran, who is weak physically but has the brilliance and charm. I can’t see him winning the game.

18. Chris (Last week: 17) — This guy is already making enemies and making himself a target. He won’t make it to the merge.


Week 1: Gonzalez (ranked No. 8 of 20 castaways) and Jacob (ranked No. 4 of 20).