Survivor Ghost Island Power Rankings: Week 11

Each week, I’ll be ranking the remaining castaways from Survivor: Ghost Island by their best overall chance to win the game. Here’s how things look heading into Week 11.

The Survivor producers tried to mix things up last week with the double tribal council with separate tribes, but guess what? The result ultimately turned out to be the same as it would have been with one tribe: The bottom two Malolos (Jenna and Michael) went home.

But this is probably the week Original Naviti finally falls apart! Or maybe not. To help you keep track of what’s going on, I’ve added a (O-Nav) or (O-Malolo) by the names below. These are ranked by best chance of winning the whole game.

Note: If you are confused on which player is which, click on their name to see a photo of them.

Survivor Power Rankings: Week 11

1. Domenick (Last week: 1) — (O-Nav) It’s Domenick and Wendell’s world right now, and everyone else is just living in it. Seriously, why don’t the other players try to break up this power duo? Crazy! Anyway, I’m giving Domenick the slight edge because he indicated last week he could turn on Wendell if needed before the final three, while we’ve heard no such talk from Wendell. 

2. Wendell (Last week: 2) — (O-Nav) He’s obviously liked by the majority of the players and believes he can win — even if he sits next to Dom at the end. I’m not so sure about that, though their alliance should stay together for the time being.

3. Laurel (Last week: 4) — (O-Mal) She’s in a decent spot, despite there only being two Malolos remaining. Dom and Wendell seem to have more loyalty to her than they do to Kellyn, and Kellyn’s panicky vote(s) toward her last week might actually strengthen Laurel’s position. As long as she keeps her alliance with the two leading men under wraps, she could make the final three — and maybe win.

4. Kellyn (Last week: 3) — (O-Nav) Her game really seems to be falling apart. She’s paranoid and will believe seemingly anything people tell her (Michael: I have an idol! Kellyn: OMG!!! You totally do, even though you won’t show it to me!!). That said, she probably has one shot — this week — to win the game. If it’s going to happen, she needs to rally Angela, Chelsea and Sebastian to vote out either Dom or Wendell. Then the four of them will have a 4-3 advantage over Laurel/Donathan/remaining person between Dom and Wendell. That said, I doubt she can really make it work, and there’s a decent chance she’s getting voted out tonight.

5. Donathan (Last week: 5) — (O-Mal) He’s got a real shot at the final three now, as long as the Dom/Wendell/Laurel alliance holds and he can ride it out. Can he win? Probably not, unless a bitter jury decides not to give the prize or Wendell/Dom.

6. Sebastian (Last week: 7) — (O-Nav) He’s blind to Dom and Wendell’s plan, and so he’ll be an easy vote in the next few weeks unless he can somehow jump ship to Kellyn (if she pulls a new alliance together).

7. Angela (Last week: 6) — (O-Nav) She should have turned against Original Naviti when she had the chance. Now she’s at the bottom of the alliance and doesn’t have a prayer of winning.

8. Chelsea (Last week: 8) — (O-Nav) Her loyalty to Kellyn is not going to end well for her. If Kellyn doesn’t go home this week, it might be Chelsea.



Week 1: Gonzalez (ranked No. 8 of 20 castaways) and Jacob (ranked No. 4 of 20).

Week 2: Morgan (ranked No. 14 of 18)

Week 3: Brendan (ranked No. 2 of 17)

Week 4: Stephanie (ranked No. 1 of 16)

Week 5: James (ranked No. 10 of 15)

Week 6: Bradley (ranked No. 6 of 14)

Week 7: Chris (ranked No. 4 of 13)

Week 8: Libby (ranked No. 12 of 12)

Week 9: Desiree (ranked No. 8 of 11)

Week 10: Jenna (ranked No. 9 of 10) and Michael (ranked No. 10 of 10)