Survivor Ghost Island Power Rankings: Week 10

Each week, I’ll be ranking the remaining castaways from Survivor: Ghost Island by their best overall chance to win the game. Here’s how things look heading into Week 10 (the 11th episode of the season).

Though Desiree got the boot last week after her coup plan blew up in her face — thus reducing the number of Original Naviti — the power alliance still holds a 6-4 advantage over the remaining Original Malolo (Michael, Laurel, Donathan and Jenna).

Original Naviti will fall apart at some point, but apparently not yet. To help you keep track of what’s going on, I’ve added a (Original Naviti) or (Original Malolo) by the names below. These are ranked by best chance of winning the whole game.

Note: If you are confused on which player is which, click on their name to see a photo of them.

Survivor Power Rankings: Week 10

1. Domenick (Last week: 2) — (O-Nav) Apparently some people don’t like Domenick? That’s weird to me, because he’s playing the best game. Those players should have realized from the start he was a major threat, but he’s running the show. Even when Kellyn heavily protested about his plan to get rid of Desiree instead of Michael, Dom ended up getting people to go his way. The big concern here is other players talk about getting Domenick and Wendell eventually, but…who is going to do it? Kellyn? She just lost a number, and Domenick has quietly built an alliance with two people from Malolo (Laurel and Donathan).

2. Wendell (Last week: 1) — (O-Nav) When people talk about getting rid of either Wendell or Dom, Wendell’s name seems to come up more often. He’s still my favorite player of the season, but Dom seems to be playing a slightly smarter game recently.

3. Kellyn (Last week: 4) — (O-Nav) I was surprised to hear Kellyn openly tell Domenick about how tight she was with Chelsea and Desiree. She used the word “unbreakable.” Then it broke. Kellyn seems to have adopted that Bradley swagger and appears overconfident, but she has one thing in her favor: The one player who said Kellyn was “dangerous” and “playing way harder than anybody thinks” — Desiree — just went home.

4. Laurel (Last week: 3) — (O-Mal) I’m worried about Laurel’s game. She sort of outed herself by running to Dom with the Desiree news. Wouldn’t other players look at that and go, “Wait, why would she do that? Wouldn’t she want to work with Desiree and overthrow the Naviti power structure??” After all, she called Naviti a “cult-like society.” If people start to put the pieces together, it could fall apart for her quickly.

5. Donathan (Last week: 6) — (O-Mal) The longer he sticks around, the more chance he has of getting carried to the finals. And since others overlook him, I could almost picture a sympathetic jury giving him a million bucks. He has to avoid a lot of shots being fired at all remaining Original Malolo members first, though. 

6. Angela (Last week: 5) — (O-Nav) Here’s the thing about Angela: She’s a wild card. I could see her jumping to a different alliance when she needs to make a move. But in the meantime, no one is coming after her — so she might stay put for awhile longer.

7. Sebastian (Last week: 9) — (O-Nav) He’s determined to stay Naviti strong, but he doesn’t realize he’s toward the bottom. Wendell and Dom want to work with Kellyn — or even Donathan/Laurel — not him.

8. Chelsea (Last week: 7) — (O-Nav) With Desiree gone, she’s essentially Kellyn’s top lieutenant. But where’s that going to get her? Maybe to the final three, where she’ll get no votes.

9. Jenna (Last week: 10) — (O-Mal) Maybe it’s her position in the game, but it seems like she’s just waiting around to get voted off. She has no chance of actually winning it all.

10. Michael (Last week: 11) — (O-Mal) He’s just a sitting duck at this point. I like him, but the odds are he will go home this week unless he pulls some sort of idol magic.


Week 1: Gonzalez (ranked No. 8 of 20 castaways) and Jacob (ranked No. 4 of 20).

Week 2: Morgan (ranked No. 14 of 18)

Week 3: Brendan (ranked No. 2 of 17)

Week 4: Stephanie (ranked No. 1 of 16)

Week 5: James (ranked No. 10 of 15)

Week 6: Bradley (ranked No. 6 of 14)

Week 7: Chris (ranked No. 4 of 13)

Week 8: Libby (ranked No. 12 of 12)

Week 9: Desiree (ranked No. 8 of 11)

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