Survivor Ghost Island Power Rankings: Season Finale

Each week, I’ll be ranking the remaining castaways from Survivor: Ghost Island by their best overall chance to win the game. Here’s how things look heading into tonight’s season finale.

Well, this is it. The season finale is upon us, and though there are still six people remaining heading into tonight’s votes, it would be a SHOCK if anyone but Domenick or Wendell won.

That said, it’s still possible for Laurel to pull something off. I think we’re all in agreement Sebastian and Angela cannot win, and Donathan would be the ultimate longshot. So if those other players can figure that out in time and band together, they might be able to pull off a miracle.

Here are the final power rankings of the season, in order of best chance to win.


Survivor Power Rankings: Season Finale

1. Domenick (Last week: 1) — It’s sort of been the season of Domenick. He hasn’t been challenged much, but he started by playing very aggressively (almost Tony-like) and then dialed it back as he and Wendell fell into a co-leaders role. It’s hard to give the edge to one of them over the other, but he foreshadowed in a confessional about being willing to take out Wendell when the time was right — and we still haven’t heard anything like that from Wendell. If Domenick can strike first and go to the finals with like a Laurel and Sebastian, he might win unanimously.

2. Wendell (Last week: 2) — My favorite player of the season. He’s well-liked and played a smooth game, never panicking despite his name coming up constantly as a threat. That said, I think the remaining players will either take him out before final tribal or he’ll lose a fire-making challenge at the final four to get denied a spot. Because if he makes it to the final three, he has a great chance to win.

3. Laurel (Last week: 3) — She talks about making the big move every week and never does. It’s probably too late now, but there’s still a chance for her to win. Here’s how it would work: In the first vote tonight, she needs to rally the other players to blindside either Wendell or Dom without them playing their idols. The remaining player between Wendell/Dom would then play the idol at the five-person tribal (last time they can use it) and advance to the final four. Then, if that person loses the immunity challenge, he would have to go to the fire-making competition. Laurel would hope the person gets eliminated there, thus sending her to the final three along with Donathan and either Sebastian or Angela, where Laurel would win. Other than that, I don’t see how she can do it.

4. Donathan (Last week: 4) — The best thing Donathan has going for him is his sympathetic story. He cannot beat Wendell or Dom if they are at final tribal with him, but he might be able to beat Laurel (in an upset) and can definitely get votes over Sebastian or Angela. But it’s hard to picture how Donathan can even reach a final three with Angela and Sebastian, considering Wendell and Dom both have idols and have out-played him every week this season.

5. Sebastian (Last week: 6) — His inexplicable loyalty to Wendell and Dom will cost him, because he has nothing on his resume. Even if he gets to the final three, I doubt he can win at this point. There’d have to be major drama for that to happen.

6. Angela (Last week: 7) — Not happening. There is no scenario that sees her winning Survivor.


Week 1: Gonzalez (ranked No. 8 of 20 castaways) and Jacob (ranked No. 4 of 20).

Week 2: Morgan (ranked No. 14 of 18)

Week 3: Brendan (ranked No. 2 of 17)

Week 4: Stephanie (ranked No. 1 of 16)

Week 5: James (ranked No. 10 of 15)

Week 6: Bradley (ranked No. 6 of 14)

Week 7: Chris (ranked No. 4 of 13)

Week 8: Libby (ranked No. 12 of 12)

Week 9: Desiree (ranked No. 8 of 11)

Week 10: Jenna (ranked No. 9 of 10) and Michael (ranked No. 10 of 10)

Week 11: Chelsea (ranked No. 8 of 8)

Week 12: Kellyn (ranked No. 6 of 7)