Post-Texas Podcast with Dan ‘Dado’ Hodson

(Warning: Explicit language)

Legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan Dan “Dado” Hodson, also known as @SloppyYellow and the host of Dirty Mo Radio’s UnDamnRestricted Podcast, joins me at his yellow school bus parked in Turn 3 at Texas Motor Speedway to break down everything that happened in Sunday’s playoff race.

9 Replies to “Post-Texas Podcast with Dan ‘Dado’ Hodson”

  1. 30mins of non-Oreo Fluff and maybe 10mins of TMS racing related discussion. I know I will be in the minority but NOT one of my favorite post race podcast editions. But do think the poll will be about 40% or less. Next year do a poll for Trucks and Xfinity also.

  2. UnDamnRestricted is right, lol!! It’s a million wonders they let him host it. I’ve watched the periscopes and Dado does NOT hold back, whether it be them talking about Dale, Greg or HMS. It has been know that things he say on the scope doesn’t make it to the podcast. Though part of it “could” be because he always has so much to say. Gotta say he is well loved though ????.

  3. Great job with Dado, Jeff! As always, great podcast! just keep’em coming!????????????

  4. I have to say this was NOT my favorite podcast. To be so bold as to basically say everything is rigged and they are allowing certain cars to cheat is awful. And if you want to be taken as a serious journalist this is not the person you want to align yourself with.

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