Post-Talladega podcast: Thoughts on Joey Logano’s win

It’s a solo edition of the podcast this week as I break down what we all watched on TV from Talladega Superspeedway, including thoughts on how the race played out and why we didn’t see enough of it.

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  1. I thought stage racing was to help with cutting from racing. I use nascar drive so i can watch during ads

  2. thought stage racing was to help with ads during the race. So far this year racing is not what i expected. martinsville, talladega couple others were disappointing and never would I think that could happen. Like drivers just say heck with it cause their points already got them in a good position so why try near the end of the race..

  3. Not only do they run too many commercials, but they run the same ones ad nauseum. I swear I will NEVER eat extra crispy KFC as long as I live.

  4. Thank you for pointing out that all the gimmick shots…bumper cam, helmet cam, etc. basically ad nothing to the enjoyment of the race. All it does is keep the viewer from being able to see what is actually taking place on the track. A total waste of time and effort. And whatever happened to regular ‘through the field’ segments to catch up with all the cars? Oh, too much useful info I guess.

  5. For question two, I checked and this was the second race, Daytona being the first, for the ‘no ride height rule’.
    Um, I don’t know about the rest of the questions but on the ‘Was this a good race?’ Nooooooo
    Now, give yourself a pat on the back. You did good ☺️. I didn’t really know what to expect for the solo podcast but it was good. ????

  6. I’ll try not to beat Fox up on this, but want to echo some issues on the coverage. Fox missed a restart because of a care center interview. The goofy circus-like track walk and boogity-boogity-boogity are insulting to fans and participants. If I was a first time watcher I would question the seriousness of the broadcast partner and NASCAR.

    Racing was pretty good; it’s hard to not have exciting racing at Talladega.

  7. Only thought too many commercials at one time, as far as the race, since we no longer can watch on regular broadcast, we are forced to watch on a cable network for a price, or streaming with a poor Internet provider such as mine, I missed half of the race

  8. Need to do this type Q&A at least once a month even if separate podcast. Loved this format.

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