Post-Sonoma and Chicagoland podcast with Brant James

My former USA TODAY Sports colleague Brant James is back for another fun recap of all things racing, including thoughts on both the IndyCar finale at Sonoma and the NASCAR playoff opener at Chicagoland.

3 Replies to “Post-Sonoma and Chicagoland podcast with Brant James”

  1. LOL You and Brant are too funny together!
    Thanks to the guys at IndyCar for the way they treated you this weekend Jeff!
    LOL the hat!!!
    Have to agree guys, this race wasn’t that exciting to me for some reason. I tuned into the IndyCar race (cause of Jeff talking it up) and I enjoyed that a lot more. I’m still a diehard NASCAR fan – but Indy has now perked my interest that I’ll probably watch again.
    Filters? LOL Jeff, were you over imbiding?
    I think it will be only 30-33%
    Great job guys, I mean I really loved it

  2. ???????????????? “Might have pissed me off a little bit.” “Great Italian accent”

    Unfortunately both races were pretty boring but I will continue to watch all of my NASCAR races and as many IndyCar as possible.

    Oh yeah, I’m happy for Josef but I sure was hoping Helio would finally get his Indy Championship. He’s the reason I started watching. Saw him on DWTS and I’ve been watching what I can since.

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