Post-Roval podcast with C.J. Woliver

WOW! After an insane finish at the Charlotte Roval, C.J. Woliver from FOX Sports joins me to help break down what we saw in the elimination race for Round 1 of the NASCAR playoffs.

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  1. Gotta admit I was one of those that was against the Roval. Not because of the gimmick part but because of all the wrecks they had in testing. Then even in the practices they were wrecking like crazy in the first few minutes. I was terrified along with the driver’s of the carnage that was bound to happen. Needless fears apparently. We have the best drivers in the world, right? Shame on me for doubting them.

    I also just about cried for Jimme, my heart broke for him. The look on his face when Dave Burns told him he was out ????????

    I loved the race, FAN_tastic job by Marcus Smith.

    P.S. Jeff, I know you’ll still be doing things with this site and NASCAR but I just wanted to say, May God Bless You, Sarah and Baby Girl. I know y’all are excited and can’t wait until she gets here. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing more precious than your own baby girl or boy. ????????????????????‍????‍????????????

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