Post-Richmond Podcast with Random Playoff Drivers

After the Richmond race, I ambushed several unwitting playoff drivers to join me on the post-race podcast. Kyle Busch, Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney, Brad Keselowski, Austin Dillon and Kasey Kahne discuss their thoughts on Richmond and the upcoming NASCAR playoffs.

8 Replies to “Post-Richmond Podcast with Random Playoff Drivers”

    1. Agreed! I wish NBC had had a chance to talk to all the playoff drivers. It’s great to hear Kasey here! He sounds pretty happy to wrap up his time at Hendrick in the playoffs.

  1. 1)Didn’t think Kyle was going to cooperative but he picked it up quick. ????????
    2)I love Chase but man, he’s such a Debbie Downer ????a lot of the times.
    3) I just like Ryan in everything he does. ????
    4) Lol Brad, so now we know the official podcast title is “Untitled Jeff Gluck Podcast” ????
    5) Austin didn’t hardly sound like himself ???? to me but he was pumped
    6) Now Kasey sounded like he is really happy just to be there. ????

  2. Didn’t watch the race but really enjoyed your podcast.Interesting comments from the drivers and brad is always different.

  3. Jeff this was fun!! I really liked it. I have to say, since about halfway through this season Kyle Busch has really be more out there on social media and communicative with Nascar fans, it’s refreshing. Brad & your discussion about the podcast name was too funny for some reason. I enjoyed the drivers input to your questions. It would be fun to see you be able to do this again from time to time. Much thanks. #DriversAmbush

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