Post-Richmond podcast with Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver from Autoweek joins me to help analyze everything that happened at Richmond, including a debate on what makes a good race and whether fans will ever warm up to Kyle Busch.

2 Replies to “Post-Richmond podcast with Matt Weaver”

  1. Although there has been some great racing this year, the performance spread between top 3rd, middle 3rd, and bottom 3rd during the actual races is the largest have seen in over 20 years. And this is for all the 3 Series. I do acknowledge that a lot of this is due to lack of funding in the mid and lower level teams. So even though NASCAR is striving for parity, it has regressed this year. If not for the Stage breaks, most race would have less then 10 cars on lead lap like 20-30 years ago.

  2. 1) I thought the race was pretty good, even from the TV side.
    2) I’ve noticed for a while now that KyB’s boo meter has dwindled down.
    3) You’ve probably heard by now the rumor is JMc might have thought Kyle roughed him up trying to be in line for the Lucky Dog
    4) I’m in between as for the good/bad season. The last two races have been pretty dag gone good.
    5) I voted yes.

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