Post-Richmond podcast with Kelly Crandall

Kelly Crandall from joins me to help analyze all things Richmond, including Joey Logano’s win, the point standings after nine races and why the “Track Takeover” fan event seemed like a success.


3 Replies to “Post-Richmond podcast with Kelly Crandall”

  1. Laughing out loud, Jeff & Kelly. I was typing this tweet when Dale Jr. was staying on the track hoping for a caution and then he ended up being it. “Somebody at @RIRInsider throw a dang ????something, anything…. Well heck far, never freakin mind ???????????????????? #NASCAR” via me, @LovingNASCAR88

  2. NASCAR needs to get an HBO all access no words bleeped out reality show. I think with Junior leaving they have to find some way to get fans back to the track. Image is a big thing, they should drop prices in every way possible as well. Something they’re doing isn’t working.

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