Post-Race Podcast: Bristol and Long Beach with Jordan Bianchi and Joey Barnes

After an eventful race weekend, I’m joined by SB Nation’s Jordan Bianchi and Motorsports Tribune’s Joey Barnes to help break down the Bristol NASCAR race and the Long Beach Grand Prix.

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  1. My memory is not to long but I’ve got to say this was the best race all season. I was soooo stoked how Bubba was able to run up there with the big dogs. I had heart break (Chase & Blaney) and heart joy (Bubba & Alex) throughout the race.

    As for the IndyCar race, being we were canceled I was able to watch the last half and that pass/save was fantastic. That being said I’m more of an oval fan than the road or street course. I don’t watch a whole lot of their races (usually in conflict with NASCAR) but it just seems to me that whoever get the lead in the beginning of the race pretty much keeps it, unless something crazy or mechanical happens.

    Finally, I did read the Richmond Story and it was tremendous!! I absolutely loved reading what went thru their minds during that time. I had “just” starting liking Dale Jr. but I was one of the few who didn’t think Kyle wreck him on purpose. I also didn’t believe Dale got his revenge at the next Richmond race. That was my thoughts. Then again I also didn’t believe that Jr. held all that much hostility against Kyle. Tells you I didn’t know diddly-squat ????.

    1. Newgarden won the IndyCar race at Phoenix by taking the lead with seven laps left after starting seventh … Bourdais won the opener at St. Pete on the second-to-last lap after starting 14th. The notion that most IndyCar winners start from the pole or from out front the entire race is incorrect. 🙂

  2. You’ve been one of my favorite racing writers for some time. I really appreciate that you are not afraid to leave the NASCAR comfort zone and write about other series. Your coverage of Long Beach even included Robby Gordon mentions! I think that his truck series is pure fun entertainment. Also, your Chili Bowl articles were very well done. Your style of writing reveals the people behind the PR images. Thanks for that.

    Regarding Bristol, I thought that it was exciting racing. Personally, all the noise about the big corporate teams is a bit of a bore. I’m a Blaney family fan. I’ve liked Dave since his Outlaw days, so I kind if migrated to Ryan. Otherwise, I tend to track the underfunded teams who regard a finish in the 20’s to be a great day. Short track racing allows the small teams to be more competitive. The Bristol high point for me was Landon Cassill finishing 20th in his new ride. I’ve followed Landon since his 40 days with Hillman.

    BTW, since you’re in Portland, you should try to attend a Timbers game. Soccer is my “other” sport. The Timbers Army fan group is amazing. You should reach out to Jamie Goldberg at Oregon Live.

    Thanks again for your good work.

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