Post-Pocono podcast with Russell Solberg

Portland-area NASCAR fan Russell Solberg joins me — actually, hosts me at his home — to watch the race and record this week’s post-race podcast, which covers all things Pocono.

2 Replies to “Post-Pocono podcast with Russell Solberg”

  1. One of the things I noticed as we were all holding our breath was the booth wasn’t saying anything either. FOX always says we see movement in the car. It was a full 20 seconds before they said anything and about 11 more seconds before the window net came down. I had to gather my tears up several times as the replays were shown and then Bubba gave his interview.

    P.S. Awesome analysis y’all.

  2. Great analysis Jeff and Russell.
    I too was holding my breath with that Wallace hit.

    I also agree that there needs to be more unpredictable finishes to upcoming races to continue to hold my interest for the remainder of this year

    Hoping that Chevy finds their momentum, especially Johnson. Poor guy hasn’t won a race in 44 starts.

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