Post-Pocono Podcast with Justin Bukoski

Portland-area race fan Justin Bukoski welcomes me into his home to watch the Pocono race, then helps me break it down to talk all things Ryan Blaney, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s struggles and race fans in the Pacific Northwest.

7 Replies to “Post-Pocono Podcast with Justin Bukoski”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Love how you meet up with such interesting people and make great entertainment. I am also a 12 question junkie.

  2. I’d love to get together with you guys to watch some racing. I’ve got nobody up here in Portland. Shoot me an email.

  3. Wow….. Justin did a fantastic job, very intelligent. This was an excellent idea Jeff. I would say you need to do it again but I’m not sure you could be that lucky again. Are NASCAR fans not the best in the world? ????

  4. Thank you Anita. It is very kind of you to say so. And yes, we are the best fans in the world!

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