Post-Phoenix podcast with John Haverlin

John Haverlin from the New Mexico Motorsports Report joins me from ISM Raceway to help sort through everything we saw during Sunday’s Cup race.

3 Replies to “Post-Phoenix podcast with John Haverlin”

  1. First time listening to your podcast. Thought it was great, thanks for putting it out there.

  2. Where can I place a bet there will be 0 multicar crashes at Fontana since Gluck predicted the BIG ONE there. Gluck is 0-Zillion Predictions this year. So am I also.
    BradK on his Q&A on flight from track tonight predicted the return of Tandem Car Racing at Dega this year.

  3. At least I fast-forwarded my DVR the least of any race so far this year. What on earth will I do without the FF button while in the Fontana grandstand?

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