Post-Phoenix podcast with Bob Pockrass’s Bob Pockrass makes his return to the post-race podcast to break down a crazy day in Phoenix, including the significance of Matt Kenseth’s win and what lies ahead at Homestead.

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  1. Chase did not drive his car 15 MPH faster than the car in front of him into a corner. He simply used the wall as an object that would slow the 11 down. He gave the 11 a chance to recover and not hit the wall. The 11 simply drove through the 24 and gave him no chance.

  2. I would have been more than a little miffed if Denny had made it to the final 4. Now if Dale can just get his final win, all will be (almost) right in the NASCAR world. Wouldn’t it be a little more than super cool if he got the throwback Bud car to Victory Lane one last time. #WeCanAlwaysDream

  3. It’s all NASCAR and it’s why we watch. It certainly entertains me. My only complaint is the media doesn’t pay enough attention to all the drivers because I imagine all driver’s have fans. But, right now………. the chicadee’s are at the feeder. robins on the flat roof, doves on the neighbor’s roof, and the finches abound and I am listening to the Gluck/Pockrass podcast. All is right in my world. ~~smile~~

  4. I love your show Jeff and your intro. I know you said it’s Enshrowd but do you know what song? Anyway hoping for more bent fenders and hurt feelings this weekend.

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