Post-New Hampshire podcast with Dan Gelston

Dan Gelston of the Associated Press joins me on the podcast to help break down an exciting New Hampshire race, including thoughts on the bump-and-run and NBC’s casual attire in the booth.

2 Replies to “Post-New Hampshire podcast with Dan Gelston”

  1. Hmm……what’s worse- Dan Gelston’s puns or the NBC booth in throwback t-shirts?

    Seriously, the t-shirt thing is no big deal. We all know they wear suit coats and jeans and tennis shoes under the desks and out of camera shots. I don’t think broadcast professionalism comes from the viewer’s seeing the broadcasters, (which rarely happens in other sports)

    The good point you two made was that without Rick Allen it was a bit of a free-for-all, and THAT more than anything makes what they did a bad idea.

  2. ???????????????? I enjoyed Dan’s “legit-funny-stand up quality jokes. As for the ???? & ???? deal , I voted for them, so I guess we’ll see where it goes. This was fun Jeff and Dan.

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