Post-Martinsville playoffs podcast with Jordan Bianchi

Jordan Bianchi joins me once again to dive into the wild and controversial Martinsville finish and analyze what it means for the rest of the playoffs.

8 Replies to “Post-Martinsville playoffs podcast with Jordan Bianchi”

  1. Right rubbing is racing. Truex must of forgot he bumped joey with 5 to go because couldn’t get by him. At least didntwreck him like jelly did earlier this season but that’s ok cause thrust will be teammates next year.

  2. I agree with Jordan, if Truex would have been behind Joey he would have put the bumper to him and moved him. He tried earlier but didn’t accomplish it. I made my prediction last Sunday for Homestead it would be the #4, #18, #9, and #78. I had the #22 or the #10 as darkhorses. I still think the #9 has a shot. The #10 is a darkhorse that could have a little beginner’s luck with the new team. I just don’t have the confidence in the #78 like last year, although he has 2 races he should have won. Sometimes Martin is just to nice and today was one of those days, he should have put the bumper to him and got the job done when he had the chance.

  3. Y’all “might” have a legitimate argument but regardless I’m still not down with your opinions. I like Joey the man (good guy, I watch him on Race Hub all the time) but I despise Joey the race car driver and unfortunately my despise outweighs any good feelings I have for him.

    As for Martin getting revenge ?? Did anyone ever think Matt would have come back on the track multiple laps down and put Joey in the wall? I think not. He may just be tired of being the good guy.


  4. Again…because it is Logano, it’s controversial. Damn these people are just not honest. He did nothing wrong. This was a classic win at Martinsville….everybody has done it. Tired of them making Logano and no other driver the bad guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not believe for a minute Logano racing the race caused MARTY a potential loss. Marty bumped and banged his way to the front. Making him out to be the victim in this race is a big mistake. Fans are pissed about this SPIN on this. Marty caused Marty his issues, not Logano. Think about Marty led a meager 18 laps. Logano led 309 laps. Why does Marty being in front of Logano for 10 seconds think he “deserved” to win? Amazing hubris.

  5. How could you guys think Brad let Logano win? He led 309 laps? Come on….the hate is strong! Always controversy at every rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good God….Brad has sucked the last 6 races or so..come on.

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