Post-Kentucky and New York podcast with John Haverlin

Long Island native John Haverlin, who does some work for ESPN Albuquerque, joins me from the Formula E finale in Brooklyn to talk about both NASCAR at Kentucky and the electric racing experience in New York.

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  1. Time to pull Kentucky’s date. Surely SMI can both make more money and put on a better show somewhere else. Even giving the date back to Atlanta would be preferable. While Atlanta doesn’t draw either, at least, on balance, it usually produces good racing for a 1.5 miler due to the age of the pavement (assuming Smith doesn’t screw that up as well)

    Between poor racing, amateur facilities management (sprinklers) and zero crowd, Kentucky is a waste

    Nascar should go to tracks for two reasons:. they draw well, OR they put on a good show for TV. Kentucky has been given years to produce good racing, and it hasn’t It used to draw OK, but since that is no longer the case, dump it. Places like Rockingham, Wilkesboro, and Darlington’s second date were pulled with much less justification

  2. One thing I’ll say regarding the Formula E courses is their track designs are complete abominations and after the car switch (which they’re getting rid of moving forward at least) it was the worst thing about the series. They’re way too tight for an actual race to take place with these cars. I get they want to race in cities, but if they want to only race on narrow street circuits, why didn’t they make the cars narrower?

    There’s a theory out there that the reason their tracks are designed as they are is to hide some of the lack of power.

    If moving forward to the next season there are no pit stops, it makes qualifying mean everything in this series. There’s no way you can start say 10th on these tight of circuits while managing your energy supply and possibly have a chance to win.

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