Post-Kansas podcast with Sarah Gluck

After technical difficulties trying to podcast Saturday night, I turn to backup co-host Sarah Gluck for help breaking down the Kansas race. Plus an update on our current life situation and thoughts on why people would live in a famous house if they don’t want visitors.

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  1. I agree with your assessment of the DW commentary. I truly believe we will possibly see Dale Jr take that seat or the pit road reporting by Michael in the future. Best wishes to Sarah as you move to the next step of your career. Drive safely and have a Beignet for me in NOLA!

  2. Glad you are not on Nascar or FOX payroll and can freely talk about the Waltrip brothers! It is time for them to move on! Best of luck to your wife and thank you Sarah for co-hosting with knowledge and honesty! #letsgobowlingboys ???? BOOM!

  3. Wonderful! Love how you now have the freedom to say what you truly think and feel. Thank you Sarah for such honesty an class!! Jeff, you and Sarah should do this together all the time ????

  4. Thank you for being honest about DW and his obnoxious starting phrase. I think many fans became disenchanted with DW and his race ‘commentary’ a long time ago, and find it embarrassing. He has wonderful stories to tell, and does it with great humor. However, trying to keep fans informed about the race actually happening is not the time or place for that.

  5. Here’s the thing with Darrell Waltrip (and you and Sarah were spot-on about new/prospective fans tuning in and hearing “Boogity” as a first impression). I think that’s purely annoying — but what I think goes deeper than that is a fundamental undercurrent of disrespect in the booth directed at Jeff Gordon from DW. It’s been clear from Daytona 2016 that Waltrip was defensive as hell about Gordon coming into the booth. Instead of admitting that he brings the “old-school” and Jeff brings the “new-school”, Darrell continuously interrupts Jeff (or just repeats exactly what he just said). Anybody who knows anything about racing knows that Jeff Gordon is the best authority we have on the state of these racecars (the setups, the rules package, etc.) because he just stopped driving last year. Waltrip had a great career on the track, but it’s just a fact that he has no perspective or context about the current generation of racecars. He simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about anymore. That’s harsh but true. Hearing more from Gordon would be very educational and enlightening for the fans. It’s a shame NASCAR and FOX can’t man up and put DW out to pasture. Everybody has their time…

  6. Sarah isn’t a NASCAR fan_atic ?? How in the world did you two meet? ????

  7. 100% correct on Joey and Danica interviews. I believe there was an ARCA or Truck wreck I think last year that the roof was cut off the car to remove the driver (the driver was fine). I felt they got the roof off a lot quicker from that wreck than the Aric one. I totally respect the accomplishments of DW but it is time for him to just be an occasional analyst when they need historical perspective.

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