4 Replies to “Post Indy 500/Coke 600 podcast with @nascarcasm”

  1. Are you funnier because I am tired? Hey, Bob. Big fan. Think I will go to sleep now. Thanks for your tweets today.

  2. Do we need to start a fund for bail money for Pockass when the FBI shows questioning him on hacking scanner frequencies? Plus now that everyone will start questions to him with”Hey Bob, Big Fan” he may never speak you or cams again.

  3. Only 6 minutes in and DEAD! LMAO!
    Hey Bob, big fan ROFLOL
    OH MY GOSH y’all didn’t just call him!! LOL
    I just spit my coffee all over me when you said “like giant balls IDK how they fit in the car moves”!!!
    OMG you’re calling Bob again!!! LOL He’s gonna kick your arses
    Oh no you didn’t! Leave BB alone ‘Casm! Don’t make me come get you. And Jeff, don’t encourage him! lol
    LOL blaming all kinds of stuff on Bob
    The GIF war…I say Casm must must do it!
    Casm said 62%? He’s on drugs LOL
    Jeff says 38% – I’m going with 27%
    This was great guys, thanks much

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