Post-Homestead championship podcast with Nate Ryan

Nate Ryan from NBC Sports joins me in the moments after the Homestead-Miami Speedway race to help digest everything that just happened in the NASCAR championship race.

6 Replies to “Post-Homestead championship podcast with Nate Ryan”

  1. This was a perfect ending to the season and the race. I think it was a good race. I am not unhappy with the ending. Big three big three big three. And here we are. Thanks Guys.

  2. Glad to see Ford and lagano win!! Best of all seeing Kyle and Gibbs get screwed for screwing with pit stall selections. Don’t like Hamlin either but they put the screws to him. Glad all of jgr got screwed!! Will see how good they all play at jgr next year. Hamlin will be next out of a ride for Bell. Glad to see KBM and jgr got screwed out of all winnings this weekend. Go FORD AND #4. Will get Cole and 00 in for next year xfinity championship!!

  3. Once again, this format has produced ‘champions’ that did not have the best seasons of most wins. And you wonder why Jimmie Johnson isn’t given the credit for 5 consecutive titles that the ‘deserves’? This is exactly why.

    1. Would you rather have someone do far ahead in points they have won championship weeks before the end of season? What about Terry labonte and Matt kennesth that won without even a season win. No differant than any other sport with a playoff. Nobody complains about the NHRA finales being elimination style!!!

  4. Excellent off-the-cuff podcast with Jeff and Nate.
    A nice listen after the close of the 2018 season.

  5. Hey Jeff, I’m like what, a week late? Oh well, I’m glad I still made it in time to make a comment. It’s also nice to know that I’m not the only one who falls behind in listening to these podcasts ????.

    As for Joey winning the Championship, not the one I was hoping for (of the 4 I was wanting MTJ to get it) but I do except it and think he’ll make NASCAR proud.
    The caution? When I saw all the conspiracy talk on Twitter, I was like “what the heck did I miss?” Thankfully I DVR all the races, so I fast forwarded to the caution and saw where David got into Brad who then got into Daniel, nothing intentional there. Besides, why in the world would Suarez want to help JGR get a Championship, they apparently don’t care about his career!!

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