Post-Daytona 500 podcast with Nate Ryan and Nick Bromberg

Nate Ryan from NBC Sports and Nick Bromberg from Yahoo join me after the Daytona 500 to help digest everything we saw in the Great American Race.

3 Replies to “Post-Daytona 500 podcast with Nate Ryan and Nick Bromberg”

  1. Maaan, that was a long race. Y’all are right this race looked to be a FAN_tastic race until………

    Oh, you forgot the Good Race Poll. 🤔🤨.

    1. Great interview, they give a lot of great insight from the race track, that otherwise we would not have heard about

  2. Maybe nascar should look at doing what ARCA did and only ONE overtime start. All it does is drag out ending and destroy more cars. It’s like a basketball game where there’s one minute to go and loosing team keeps fouling other team when there is no chance in hell of winning

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