Post-Darlington podcast with Sherwin from the PETM Podcast

The man known as Sherwin from the PETM Podcast joins me to break down Darlington after watching from the stands. We talk Denny Hamlin’s win, playoff contenders and the Jones boy.

2 Replies to “Post-Darlington podcast with Sherwin from the PETM Podcast”

  1. Enjoyed the pod as always and thought the race was entertaining. I was interested in your comments about Hamlin’s place among the favorites in the title hunt and they brought to mind a similar conversation Nate Ryan and Pete Pistons had on NASCAR America a week or two ago. It really puzzles me why Hamlin is so often overlooked and omitted from the conversation of the sport’s elite. Nate and Pistone were discussing which Toyota driver was the favorite come playoff time and of course conversation was centered around Truex and Kyle Busch, they even mentioned Erik Jones and Daniel Suarez before mentioning Hamlin as an afterthought. They cited recent performance (Since Daytona in July) and compared Busch and Truex, but would it surprise you to know that in those past 8 races Busch and Truex both have an average finish of 9th while Hamlin’s is 6.25? The reality is, the 11 team has been among the fastest in the garage for a while now without the fanfare of the 78 and 18, despite statistically outrunning them for 2 months. Hamlin has the same number of victories as Busch, is peaking at the right time and has some great tracks coming up. Hamlin is really really good at Richmond, Martinsville, New Hampshire and crucially Homestead. He’s also among the best plate racers in the sport with Talladega looming and also has multiple wins at Texas. I think a proper statistical analysis shows that Denny Hamlin belongs in the conversation when it comes to title contenders, but perhaps flying under the radar is a good thing!

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