Post-Clash podcast with Chris Knight

Chris Knight of joins me at Daytona International Speedway to debate and digest the winning move and outcome of Sunday’s season-opening Clash exhibition race.

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    1. Paul did not block. Jimmie took him out. Bad thing to do with the speed at Daytona. I would have black flagged Jimmie for aggressive driving and send him to the back.

      1. Couldn’t do that Hendricks and nascars 7 time miricle boy. Don’t have Borden to draw fans can’t lose him yet. Clash was a SHIT SHOW!!!

  1. This was a terrible race which in most part was due to the weather, the track had to have been slick even after the red flags but Jimmie and Paul was a racing deal. Jimmie may have been the blame guy but it’s a typical in my eyes plate track incident. After this race what will we call it? A non plate race tapered spacer incident?

  2. I pretty much think JJ caused the wreck BUT if you listen to Menard’s radio, they said we zigged and Jimmie zagged. So they are admitting Paul moved in the slightest. Then when talking to FOX Paul himself said he moved down some. Granted he still blamed JJ but he did admit to moving. That being said, again I do put the blame on Jimmie he was way tooooo close to Paul.

  3. Maybe Jimmy is get old enough should get glasses. Either spins out by himself or causes a wreck. Race was bad enough without taking out 17 cars.

  4. That is what probably most of season will look like with new rules. Will probably lose many more wat he’s and fans because of it

    1. I’ve been a fan since 1977…..NASCAR needs to stop thinking about how to make the sport better because when they do they screw it up even worse. They need to step back to the mid ‘80’s time when the body of the car was “stock in shape” the cars were not dropped to the ground with side skirts and front spoilers dragging the track I know the fuss about cars getting airborne and all that We’ve all heard that a million times With the roof flaps and aero stuff today I think they’ve got a good handle on that now Long story short NASCAR has got to get back to where the sport was years ago as far as racing is concern or the sport will continue this downward spiral of lack luster entertainment it’s become now

  5. Remember in 2006 when Hamlin won the Shootout on Saturday night? That place was packed a whole week before the 500. Was there even 5,000 people in the stands yesterday? These idiots who run NASCAR need to drastically drop ticket prices or who knows what will happen in 5 to 10 years.

    1. To be honest I don’t think it’s an issue with ticket prices. Ticket prices have always been relative to the times, I don’t care about prices to much. The problem at plate tracks is the decline in the ability to race. Without three or more cars lined up in a row the lead car is
      S.O.L of moving forward and advancing his spot on the track

      1. Wrong. Ticket prices are out of sight! A lot of people could afford to go to races if ticket prices were more reasonable. After all hotels gouge fans with extremely high room prices, during race time!

        1. Wrong.
          Priced tickets lately to a college football game
          collage basketball game , NFL tickets , major concert tickets ?????????
          They are for the most part more expensive that any NASCAR ticket I’ve ever purchased
          And not to mention they have a game in the same place the next weekend and the stadiums are full capacity again
          NASCAR can’t fill up the grandstands for a race and they only race there once a year
          So, it’s not ticket prices
          It’s the lack of entertainment why fans don’t go

  6. I have watched Nascar for 35 years. That has to rank at the top of my list of worst Nascar races I’ve ever seen.

    three questions:

    1)How many people were there? 5k?

    2)How many passes on the track?

    3) Could Nascar run some more commercials telling me about how exciting Nascar racing is instead of the race?

    I hope they can fix their problems. People want to see racing, not what they saw on Sunday.

    1. Man your preaching to the choir with me on this subject I’m totally with ya
      But you listen to the so called experts in the sports media guy like you and I don’t know what we’re talking about we’re dead wrong in their opinion I may not have a microphone or a radio show but I have a wallet and I don’t buy tickets anymore and want until NASCAR makes major changes to the cars to make em more stock that I can identify with like they were years back But then again what do I know I once bought tickets that helped fill the grandstands Now I don’t like thousands of other once called race fans

      1. Technology won’t halt or slow down for neither of us, I too want the cars to be more stock but it just won’t happen. Sometimes it’s hard but in 10 years time you may look back and wish the times and cars were more like they were in 2020. What I’m saying is I can tell by the way you talk your like me, NASCAR is probably your favourite or close to favourite sport. We honestly just have to take the good with the bad. The Clash was really bad but the 500 might be good. When you see a good race like we saw in Chicago last year between Larson and Busch ( I loved it), it makes it all worth it. The biggest problem for me isn’t the cars, it’s the leadership of the sport making too many changes to the points system. Too me, they are the problem.

  7. I’m a gear head
    Stick and ball sports fill in my time during the off season
    But I love the smell of high octane gas burning during racing season
    But NASCAR has gotten so far away from its roots
    I doubt it will ever get even close to what once was But doesn’t hurt to want or wish

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