Post-Chili Bowl podcast with track announcer Blake Anderson

After calling races for five days on the Chili Bowl track public address system, announcer Blake Anderson still has enough energy to help me break down Christopher Bell’s exciting win in Tulsa.

4 Replies to “Post-Chili Bowl podcast with track announcer Blake Anderson”

  1. This was great and thanks so much for going to this event. You added so much insight and made me even more determined to make it to the event as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks Jeff for covering the Chili Bowl this week. I had always wondered what the deal was with the obvious reverence many racers in NASCAR had for this event. Your coverage brought out the reasons why that is.

    I was intrigued by the story about the sponsors being catered to in a new way which seems to kind of rankle some folks who hold to a traditional feel for this event. That was a good article which brought character to your coverage. The “family” feel was also brought out well by the Larson piece., This was all really great to read.

    And then you top it all off with this podcast about an Iowa dude! Love it! (I am an Iowan) So that was cool to hear Blake’s story as well.

    Thanks for doing these “off-NASCAR” stories. They have been a lot of fun, very informational, and they obviously help to fill the void in Winter while I wait for Daytona.

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