Post-Bristol podcast with Brian David Johnson and Kate Ertmann

Portland residents Brian David Johnson, a renowned futurist and bestselling author, and Kate Ertmann, a management consultant, join me again on the podcast to talk about topics stemming from Sunday’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

2 Replies to “Post-Bristol podcast with Brian David Johnson and Kate Ertmann”

  1. I found the talk of changing the tracks interesting. When I used to attend the races, I didn’t care about getting ‘a burger and a beer’. especially at the horrible inflated prices the tracks charged. I went to watch cars on the track. For entertainment, I met other fans, talked racing, even got a hot Eucher game going on the concourse with other fans. All the ‘enhancements’ tracks add seem to me to just be yet another way to get more $ out of the fans. How many of those enhancements are free of charge? I don’t see anyone trying to make races more accessible by cutting ticket prices, or motels only doubling instead of tripling their rates. Most fans were created because their parents or grandparents or good friends shared it with them, made it personal by relating to the drivers, wandering around the souvenir haulers, soaking up the atmosphere. I gave up my season tickets to Bristol when I found myself fighting to stay awake with 150 laps to go. creating ‘the chase’ pulled the teeth from Bristol, and make it a totally different animal. To me, bristol is the perfect example of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  2. When Kyle gets 7 Championship’s then we can put him up there with Jimmie. As so many people have acknowledged JJ is probably the most underrated driver EVER. I think one of the differences is, is Jimmie is quite, nowhere as flashy as Kyle. I can pretty much guarantee you Jimmie and Kyle could go out, totally lose control of their car’s in identical ways, both save them and Kyle would walk away with it being the best save EVER. I know I have saw plenty of times JJ has saved an unsavable (I don’t think that’s a word) car and not got anywhere near the attention Kyle has. The thing is and I’ve heard it a thousand times, NASCAR is a “what have you did lately’ sport and unfortunately, lately Jimmie hasn’t did much.

    I suck at math so there’s noway I can compared their stats but JJ had 5 Championships by the time he turned 35. With all that being said Kyle has left me with my mouth dropped open more times than I care to admit.

    But again…… Jimmie (JJ) Johnson, I just think he’s got the edge on Kyle (Rowdy) Busch, at least for the next couple of year’s anyways.

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