Post-Atlanta podcast with Kelly Crandall

Kelly Crandall from RACER joins me at Atlanta Motor Speedway to help sort through the first taste of the new rules package. Plus, PRN’s Brett McMillan and MRN’s Kyle Rickey turn your texts into the next generation of “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity.”

5 Replies to “Post-Atlanta podcast with Kelly Crandall”

  1. Yes……we shouldn’t pass judgement just yet on “The Package”. Just give it some time. The engineers will figure out how to make it just as boring at 1.5 milers as it ever was.

  2. I was listening to a team during the Xfinity race and they commented a couple times during the race how disorganized and inefficient Race Control was during that race.

    When you see teams like JTG running in the Top 10, the package is at least partially working. It was Better (I was there live) but depending on Vegas, if the can add the aero ducts to AMS next year it will be the best possible for that track.

  3. Jeff we saw a race where cars could pass the leader on the track.We didn’t have to watch a race where the only lead changes took place in the pits.We saw cars racing three wide and at times four wide.The problem with this race was the tv coverage because of their policy of concerting on the leaders and not on times where there was better racing in the middle of the pact.This race was an improvement over most raises on the mile and a half track.look at the positives.

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