Portland NASCAR fan tweetup Sunday

Who says Portland is all hipsters? I heard from more than 20 NASCAR fans in the area this week when I asked Twitter followers if anyone lives nearby, so I’m wondering if people want to meet up on Sunday.

Thanks to the late start time, the Michigan race doesn’t start until noon Pacific. We could meet up at a sports bar and watch the race together; then you could help me record the post-race podcast!

First of all, does anyone know a good place where they show NASCAR races here in Portland? Second, if you’re interested, please leave a comment in the section below so I can get an idea of how many people might come. I will try to post updates in this thread.

Looking forward to meeting with some of you on Sunday if you’re free!

Update: Meet at Main Event Sports Grill located at 800 Main Street in Vancouver, Wash. I’ll probably try to get there around 11:30 or so (race goes green at noon).

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  1. Sounds like fun! I’d come up. Though, I can offer little help to identify a good place to watch the race. I live in Salem (35 min. south).

  2. Hey jeff, it’d be amazing if we could get the museum of speed down in wilsonville to host a watch party. Seems like the perfect location

  3. I don’t know about this Sunday. Since it’s Fathers Day and all as I would like to spend time with my dad. If you do another one, I would love to join.

  4. This is awesome, Jeff! Although, I will not be able to attend, this is a great idea! Please let us know of any future opportunities that you my have planned (the more notice the better) as I live two hrs south (in Eugene) Thanks again! ????

  5. Would love to come but Father’s Day plans already set. Race included. Looking forward to next time.

  6. On Twitter, Justin Bukoski wrote: “Main Event in Vancouver will host us and I’m going to check and see if we can get the upstairs at Grand Central.”

    So maybe that’s a possibility for everyone?

    1. Sure. Whatever you think, man. Group consensus and internet anonymity don’t typically play well together. ????

    2. I’m supposed to be at The Ridge for SCCA but if that fails through, I’ll attend. If not I’ll get to the next one I’m available.

  7. Husband and I are in for sure.! Thirsty Lion, On Deck, Spirit of 77? Calling ahead is probably a good idea wherever we meet.

    Also, many restaurant/brew pub/sports bars are open to all ages during the day 🙂

  8. I’ve called ahead at a few spots. Just need a rough estimate of attendee numbers. If its less than 10 people it doesn’t matter. More than that and they would like a reservation. With Father’s Day, I don’t expect many places to be that busy.

  9. Wow, Louise, that’s dedication! Up to Jeff but the Lake Oswego area could work for those coming up from the south.

  10. {welp} I **think** I will be at the coast this weekend, so not sure if I can make it in. I’ll update here if I do plan on attending.
    Thanks for corralling us, Jeff!

    1. Nope, not going to make this one but am crossing fingers for another one to happen soon.

      ALSO verrrrry curious if y’all get the broadcast audio. I’ve rarely gotten lucky enough to have that happen which is why I rarely seek out a public location to watch a race.

      1. I’ll host y’all at my house one of these weeks. Jeff says I make a passable guacamole.

  11. I do know Bradleys Bar & Grill in Jantzen beach is capable and willing to host us on Sunday. If it’s gonna be about 20 or more people, they just ask for a heads up. But they’ve got the space, great food and atmosphere.

  12. I really, really, really want to be a part of this first Portland tweetup! But, with it being Father’s day, as well as the day before we head to Seattle for a big birthday/anniversary trip, I’m not sure we’ll be able to make it. : (

    We are in the Hillsboro area, so if it ends up being closer to the west side, we may be able to swing it. Fingers crossed!

    I know a final head count is important so I’ll weigh in as soon as I know the decided-upon location.

  13. The one week I in Oklahoma to visit the in laws. Let me know if you do it again.

  14. I don’t think I can make this weekend work. A future viewing party in the Vancouver/Portland area sounds like a great idea to me, even being two hours away!!

  15. I hope this location is OK, although I know there isn’t one great spot that will suit everyone.

    Main Event Sports Grill, located at 800 Main Street in Vancouver WA, has the local seal of approval from Justin Bukoski (no pressure, Justin). He scouted it out today and said it looks good.

    If you can’t make it to this one, hopefully we can do another one sometime in the future. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon!

    1. Super bummed out we can’t make it, but the timing just wasn’t right this time. : (

      Hope everybody that makes it has a FANTASTIC time, and can’t wait ’til the next one!

  16. I’m not going to be able to make it; have to work Saturday and 12 hours in the car RT Sunday isn’t going to be in my best interest or my coworkers on Monday!????I will be watching from the comfort of my couch and following along on Twitter. Next time!

  17. Hi Jeff, I stumbled upon you via bleacher report, how do we get a Nascar race to Portland International Raceway? I can see so many empty seats at other tracks around the country, would love Nascar to take couple of weekends and put them up for bid to some of these other tracks and locations around the country. Maybe they make a bid for 2-3 years then it moves to another location that way you would need sponsors for just several years instead of long term. When the Indy/Champ cars ran at PIR from 1986-2006 it was very well attended and supported, just give us a chance Nascar.

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